Make Sisterhood Great Again Launch Party

Make Sisterhood Great Again Brunch + Day Party was a VIBE! Over 120 women of all ages, races, and backgrounds filled in one space to celebrate life and unity. No particular agenda, just women meeting and supporting other women. An event for women by women.

Make Sisterhood Great Again Brunch + Day Party was a VIBE! Over 120 women of all ages, races, and backgrounds filled in one space to celebrate life and unity. No particular agenda, just woman meeting and supporting other women. An event for women by women. We had over 20 women connect in creating the launch party for Make Sisterhood Great Again, from our caterer, photographer, bomb vendors, to our DJ; everyone was a female business women and entrepreneurs.

Live DJ, mimosa bar, dessert station and the cutest selfie props where no match to the amount of love and connectivity that filled around us. We got the opportunity to meet and connect with so many of you. We can’t wait to host our first event under the Make Sisterhood Great Again platform. We can already tell from the launch party there will be more connections, more opportunities for collaborations, and a wider spread of unity through sisterhood.


I believe in women uplifting other women. The only thing that makes our gender weaker, is the fact that we are the gender less likely to stand up for the other. We are the gender more likely to try and make another look bad, and when one of us is already bad, instead of being kind, we pound them into the ditches. And that’s what makes us weak, nothing else. If we can change this, we can change the whole structure of our being female, I truly believe this. – C. JoyBell C.


Here’s what other women have to say about Make Sisterhood Great Again Launch Party:

“I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Women just enjoying each others company and empowering one another”

“Good vibes and authenticity”

“I loved the food and the atmosphere.”

“Loved how friendly the host was. That set the mood for other women to be just as engaging!”



because_women_love_brunchMake Sisterhood Great Again is a movement.

The start of women supporting other women without regards to their age, race, or socioeconomic status.
A movement of women coming out of their comfort zone in efforts to uplift another woman .
And women allowing other women to walk in their own strength, truth and authenticity without judgment.



Post your favorite picture of you and your girlfriends on social media and tell us what sisterhood means to you! Use our hashtags so that we can see your post! #MakeSisterhoodGreatAgain #BecauseWomenLoveBrunch

It’s because our friendships – female friendships are just a hop to our sisterhood, and sisterhood can be a very powerful force, to give the world … the things that humans desperately need. -Tanja Taaljard

Make Sisterhood Great Again Launch Party

There was so much dopeness involved in creating the launch of Make Sisterhood Great Again including our caterer Gabrielle Mcbay, she is the real MVP for creating an awesome menu to feed over 120 women: french toast bread pudding, waffles, bacon, southern cheesy grits, and fresh fruit. Our favorite photographer Marrica Evans, banging DJ Nikki Nicole who had us vibing to everything from Beyoncé to Cardi B. and our vendors + interactive stations can’t go without being mentioned:

Rose Styles Studio provided a complementary style bar and provided express curls, trims, and sleek iron work. Owner Rosemary also provide education for installing and wearing extensions.

The Cook with Cakes self taught baker and cook along with Caketails Cupcakes Dallas who specializes in edible cocktails provided a delectable dessert table.

Studio 616 is a lifestyle boutique tailored to the dope soul that instantly lights up any room with her presence & unorthodox style. Offering both “after 5” must-have pieces and styling concierge services. We can be found having convos and cosmos with our favorite girlfriends or wandering in a new city! Infectious and inspiring we’re rocking to the beat of our own drums and uplifting & empowering others along the way.

Curly & Molly begin in 2013 when a middle school science teacher decided to use her passion for kids and design to create custom artwork for family and friends. This passion only grew as her family grew. Inspired by her own children and students their shared moments became the driving force of Curly & Molly. Curly & Molly’s mission is to create moments that bring families together. And encourage us all to create, color, and write.

Vixen Vanity Inc. provided the opportunity to experience and purchase products from It Works.

Yara Imani founded by Alana Sutton Watkins, an online marketplace, to increase the accessibility and appreciation of African inspired products made by Africans on the continent and across the diaspora. is named after Alana’s daughter Yara Imani.

Bria selling the dopest print artwork.

Make Sisterhood Great Again is about creating a platform for women to support other women in business and personal growth. A platform that allows women to shamelessly share their journey; to connect through their authenticity. We can’t wait to share these moments with each and every one of you.

 A special thank you to all of our volunteers! And thank you to each and every woman that took the time to support the launch of Make Sisterhood Great Again in any way! If you attended our launch we’d love to hear your feedback: go to to complete a 3 min survey.

Because there’s one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood. – Robin Benway

Here’s what you can expect from Because Women Love Brunch during the last few months of 2017 (I can’t believe it’s almost 2018!!) We’re looking to host a Rose & Slay Wine Tasting and Yoga & Brunch in The Bay, Brunch & Bubbly in NYC and we are closing out our year in November with an official event on the Make Sisterhood Great Again platform in Dallas, TX. The event will feature a combination of  our signature icebreaker and networking activities, open discussion about creating sisterhood, bomb vendors, interactive stations, delicious brunch, and women celebrating women all to a live DJ on stand by for the turn up!


Here’s how you can stay connected until then:

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Amanda Bell

Founder/ Host Because Women Love Brunch

Dallas Foodie Good Food, Strong Drinks

Good food, strong drinks! Let’s Eat! Don’t read this is dieting is one of your NY resolutions!



This selfie has nothing to do with the restaurant, but I thought I was cute or whateva. 💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾 So.. here it is!… Moving on!

Henry’s Majestic is pretty LIT! Good food, nice bar area, banging patio. 👌🏾 I went in the middle of December, of course we are talking about Texas so it was about 65+ degrees 🤗 I’m excited to go back during the summer. The food was pretty good and the drink were awesome. This is the type of place you go to get a good crafted drink. 🍹



To my surprise I came right on time for Happy Hour. Hey don’t judge me, I see you judging me. It was 5pm SOMEWHERE! ☺️


Good table options:


I got the the shrimp and grits. Great option except for the heeps of hot sauce on the top (Got Hot Sauce in my BAG SWAGG! Lol) 👛👛👛 Yea, just get that *ish on the side.


Good main options:


I obviously have the Marrow Spiked Burger with a side of Hand Cut Russets.. MAGIC! I stuffed myself and finished it all. Lol lol.


Did I mention that they have live music Friday & Saturday night as well as Brunch hours on Sunday! So go there and ask for Carlos, a.) because he was a great server and b.) he took a couple of picture of me without making it super awkward. 📸 Lol Thanks Los!


What I’m Wearing:

Old Men’s Band Tee- Hot Topic

Faux Leather Cami Dress- Missguided

Sock Booties- Boohoo

Shaggy Sweater- Dillard’s last year


Sophisticated Poser

How I bought my Dream Car for my 26th Birthday

Did I ever tell you about the time that I went out and bought myself a Mercedes Benz?! 🤗🤗🤗 Seriously I probably didn’t because I know you don’t care! Lol But read this anyway.

Denim Style Guide

Best Denim StyleBest Denim StyleBest Denim StylePink SweaterDistress Denim Hem

I’ve been overly obsessed with denim lately. Although it has been a sad occasion for my wallet, I think you will find a lot of joy knowing that I have researched and updated the best 9 types of jeans for women this season! Thankfully jeans are a staple and isn’t something you should replace every season. I mean… unless you outgrow them. But right now we are in our fantasy closet where our tummy stay on flat-flat and well I’m sure you know the rest! ☺️☺️

I’m giving you the updated status on what to keep and what to rid yourself of as you prepare to embrace this winter weather! Here are the top 9 jeans for the upcoming seasons:

1. High Rise Clean And Dark

This is going to be great jean to pair with so many of the color trends for winter. Perfect for a denim, sweater and thigh boot combo. This will give you a clean trendy look without looking like you gave your outfit too much thought.

I just snagged a pair from Fashion Nova!

2. Colored Denim

This isn’t a type of denim that I normally go for, but if you can find a nice pair at a good price then it would be a great addition to your closet. For this winter season I suggest opting for a cranberry, olive, or grey denim

Colored Skinny Jeans

Tip: Search your local TJ Max or Marshall’s before you splurge on colored denim.

3. Ripped Skinny

Ripped denim is always fun! I prefer denim that is ripped at the knee and below. I’m not a fan of my hefty thigh meat sticking out of my jeans. 😩😒 Distressing at the top half of my jean and fine, anything else has to be something I’m literally dying to have.

High Waisted Jeans

Tip: If you have enough ripped denim try a moto cut jean like these, that will give your jeans some edge without the holes.

4. Boyfriend Jeans

These are a go to for me. Boyfriend jeans can be dubbed as a comfortable and sexy jean depending on your choice of top and shoes.

Example: Casual- Boyfriend jeans, stripped tee shirt and booties  Sexy- Boyfriend jeans, over sized sweater, and pumps

5. Wax Coated Jeans

I like Wax Coated Jeans much more that faux leather jeans. Much better fit and I don’t have to go up 12 sizes just to get my leg in the pants! Lol!

6. Distressed Hem Jeans

Skinny jeans with a little edge! You can go all out with full on fray or you can do a more settled look shown below.

7. Mom Jeans

A good upgrade to boyfriend jeans. A cute comfy feel with a more feminine cut.

8. Embroidered Jeans

My fun jeans, super cute for weekend wear.

9. Flare Legged Jeans

Flare Legged Jeans are great because they are flattering to most women, no matter your shape and size. Beware of the length that you decide to get. Flare legged jeans will not give you versatile shoe options like skinny and boyfriend jeans.

Tip: Take your jeans to a local tailor along with your favorite shoes for the perfect length alteration.

10. Busted Knee Skinny

🚨 Disclaimer: When I providing you with this guide I’m not doing it to say hey you! 👋🏾 if you wanna be cool like me go out and buy such and such. I’m provide you with the best information so that you can go out and make conscious and educated decisions with your suga daddies hard earned money! 💰 LOL (I’m kidding about the suga daddy part!)

So tell me what jeans do you see you yourself adding to you wardrobe this season?


Amanda Bell