How to Travel the World While Working a Full-Time Job and Side Hustle

If you’re looking for a little help and motivation in this area my girl ShaSha at Busy Being ShaSha has you covered!

It’s already hard enough trying to find a little “me time” in the mist of a crazy hectic schedule. And it’s next to impossible to find time to take off of work to visit more than 1 or 2 of the places that are on your bucket list.

If you’re looking for a little help and motivation in this area my girl ShaSha at Busy Being ShaSha has you covered! On top of being a travel blogger, ShaSha is also a loving wife,  super supportive friend, holds down a full time job and a recent first time home owner! Congrats Love!

I had the pleasure of hosting ShaSha as a panelist during Girl Talk: Catch Flights Not Feeling at Brunch & Bubbly earlier this month. With all of the information she shared you’re going to want to Bookmark this post and come back to it often to get your travel game RIGHT!

ShaSha breaks-it-down and answers some of her most received questions regarding the best travel sites and apps, traveling with Spirit Airlines, finding time to travel while working 40+ hour work weeks, if PSA pre-check is really worth it, and how to make it though a vacation with your hubby or bae.

Flight Sites and Apps I Use to Find Deals:


Google Flights

SkyScanner- App


The Flight Deal- Follow their FB page

Secret Flying- Follow their FB page

Airfare Spot- Follow their FB page

Main Pool

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What are some places that are on your bucket list to see this year? So far I’ve been to LA, New York, Vegas and of course Texas. I’m hoping to visit a National Park this year and a couple of beaches. If you’ve ever been to a National Park or have an favorite beaches please leave me some suggestions below!



Boutique Hotel in Midtown NYC

The cutest swankiest hotel in Midtown New York

So I was looking for somewhere that was close to everything and poppin! The Renwick was everything I was looking for and more. The hotel is located within a 5 minute walk to Grand Central Station and a 10 minute walk to Byant Park, New York Public Library and the most amazing Zara 😍😍😍! Along both of those walks are plenty of cafes and coffee shops.When you step into the lobby you greeted by some really dope art work. The Renwick Hotel is a member of Historic Hotels of America, the official program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation for recognizing and celebrating the finest historic hotels across America. It has a very residential style, so if your visiting New York you’ll feel like your coming home after a long day of adventures! The Renwick is a boutique hotel with loft style rooms and is associated with Hilton. All Hilton Gold and Platinum members receive complementary breakfast from Bedford & Co. Whether your breakfast is comp’d or not I would definitely give the waffles and steel oats a try! 😋😋😋  I was completely obsessed with the hotels’ loft style rooms and  on top of all of the stylish decor; all guest are able to enjoy a complimentary fitness center with cardio equipment, weights and yoga space. Of course I didn’t make it to the fitness center. Lol But it’s always good to know that your hotel has one!The one thing that I really appreciated about The Renwick was the attention to detail on all levels in every area. I definitely can’t wait to go back! 💕


Sophisticated Poser

Suede Jacket x New York City

I love to travel to New York. It’s always so exciting, with so much to do and so much to see. I was in full tourist mode. Here are some gems I found while roaming New York City.

Get this look:

Suede Jacket, Ripped Mom Jeans, H&M Tank, Shoes, Purse and Fedora

New York City

I love to travel to New York. It’s always so exciting, with so much to do and so much to see. On my last trip in September I went for Fashion Week, but a little burnt out on the fashion scene I decided to checkout what else NYC had to offer. I was in full tourist mode. Here are some gems I found while roaming New York City.

Harlem had to be my favorite place. I went on a Sunday afternoon. I loved the vibes and the culture of Harlem. I shopped local street vendors and visited the Studio Museum in Harlem which is filled with amazing painting mainly from local artist.

I also visited Little Italy which was awesome. There was a lot of Italy restaurants and people and music filled the streets. If you’re dying to see Chinatown it’s pretty close, but it honestly doesn’t compare to Chinatown in San Francisco!

Favorite restaurants

Bea was cute little swanky spot not to far from Time Square Central that have great hand crafted drinks and appetizers.

I pretty much lived at The Cafeteria while in New York! It’s a diner that is open 24/7 that serves great Southern and American food. I had their salmon and mashed potatoes, meat loaf and chicken and waffles TWICE 😳. Lol

Parker & Quinn was a great brunch place about 3 block from Bryant Park. Is a vintage style American dining restaurant with amazing breakfast. The reviews mentioned hand crafted drink, but it was before noon so I opted out.. FOR ONCE!

Getting around

I’m obsessed with public transport! Being from Texas and living in California, neither of which have a strong public transportation system. I think the subway is why fell in love with New York on my first trip. It allowed me to be independent and do more on my own that I had ever done on trip solo.

The first night that I visited New York back in 2015 my cousin rode the subway with me and I remember him tell me, “if the street number is higher go uptown and if the street number is smaller go downtown”. At the time that meant nothing to me, but I typed it in my phone notes, because I figured it would be important later! By the time that trip was over I thought I was a pro and more than anything I was thankful that I didn’t get lost or robbed. 😂🙌🏾


I’m planning my next trip to New York and I need some new places to put on my list! Let me know your favorite hidden gems in New York.


Amanda Bell

Meeting a Stranger Travel Vlog- San Francisco

I hope you enjoy my first Travel Volg! Thank you for watching. If you want to see more travel videos please LIKE, COMMENT, and Subscribe. ❤️

Places we visited:
Union Square
Mission District
China Town
Golden Gate Bridge

Places we ate:
Brenda and Three Meats
Sweet Maple
Swig Bar
Maven Pizza
Curry Up Now

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Miami Art District


If you follow me on snapchat (@amandapandabell) or Instagram you got to view Miami Art district through my eyes during my latest trip. The Art District is full of air galleries, restaurants, and boutiques.  My absolute favorite place was the Wynwood Walls (2528 NW Second Ave., Miami)

Tony Goldman’s “Street Museum” is home to one of the greatest collections of street art in the nation. I was in awe by the amazing art work and the thought of how many people it took working collectively to complete such a project.

Wynwood Walls started in 2009, and showcases urban culture from all over the world including the United States, Brazil, the Ukraine, Greece, France, Japan, and Germany. It is literally an 8 dollar uber trip away from the strip on South Beach, Ocean Dr area. You should def put this on your todo list the next time you are in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area.

Details: Dress, Purse, Shades, Lipstick- NYX Shocking Pink 


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Booking Your Next Trip to Mexico 

IMG_4353If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been reliving my Mexico vacation lately.. I was so busy after my trip that I didn’t get to properly reminisce and daydream about my experience in Los Cabos. I swear I have been on vacation mode ever since I left.

A lot of you have asked about how my trip went, where I stayed, and course some of the looks I wore. So I’m going to take my next few blog posts and relive my fiesta in Mexico; you’re going to need a passport for the next few blog post <3  We can make this simple and do a Q & A about the planning and execution of the trip:

Where exactly did I go? Los Cabo, Mexico

Where did I stay? RIU Santa Fe– an all inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas which is literally right off the beach, but tides get so high in Los Cabos that we spent more time that the pool area that overlooked the beach than the actual beach itself.

How was the food? It was good; there were several different buffets throughout the resort. There were also 4 restaurants that required you to make reservations, a steakhouse, Italian, Asian and I don’t remember the last one. All of the food, drinks, and alcoholic beverages are included in the price you pay to stay at the resort (all inclusive).

Did I leave the resort during my stay? We went to town to the flea market, but my sister when out downtown a few time and said she had a lot of fun!

Did the resort offer activities? Water activities at the main pool from 11am- 5pm like water polo, Zumba and water aerobics. And at night there where different activities like Comedy or Game Shows. There is also a club at the resort. And there were plenty of activities right outside the resort at the beach: scuba diving, horseback riding, day cruises and more. How was the room? Nice! I hate it didn’t take pictures of the room, but I was to busy having fun! But it was a nice size room and bathroom- when visiting outside of the U.S. I’m always nervous the room is going to be like a box! Lol

How did I book the trip? My sister and a few of the other people booked through a travel agent. I found the same trip for me and my boyfriend on I used the vacation tab and booked our room and airfare at the same time. The only thing with booking through an online travel site as that everyone’s money needs to be ready up front. Be mindful of that if you are booking for a large group. But if you don’t mind that, I’m sure you will save a few hundred bucks! And who doesn’t like to save money?!.   Have any other questions? Just ask!


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Tips on Traveling Solo Dolo

Have you ever been dying to go on a vacation, but everyone you invite has other obligations?. When you can’t seem to find a date, a price or a location that works for all parties involved.

Well you are faced with two options you can either a.) put your vacation off until a friend can go with you or b.) you could take your first solo trip! Whether it is for business or pleasure I recommend everyone travel by themselves at least once in their life! Why not?!. Are you afraid?! Good! That means you are growing, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and allowing yourself to learn more about who you are as a person. If you have traveled somewhere solo before I know you are nodding your head and agreeing with everything I’ve said.

Or you maybe you’re still be in the fence about a solo trip, maybe it’s being in an unfamiliar place alone, feeling lonly at a table for one, or safety concerns. I get it! Those are all valid concerns is some way, but I’m here to help with some tips to get you ready to leave the nest alone for the first time: Get tips