The Black Woman’s Guide to Festival Boho Chic Fashion

Over 50 Ways to Wear Festival Boho Chic Trends for Black Girls


2016 festival season is among us with festivals such as: Warped Tour, SXSW, Coachella, Voodoo Music Experience, Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits Festival, Beale St. Music Festival, Firefly Music Festival, Lollapalooza just to name a few!

A while back I created a festival swagg layout and this time around I will be providing you with a a lot of inspiration so that you can rock these festival and boho chic trends to the FULLEST!

Below is a style gallery full of festival and boho chic trends inspired by black women drape in festival and boho chic garb! These are not only some of the hottest styles and trends for black women this festival season, but for all women throughout the spring and summer of 2016.

Are you planning to attend any festivals this season? Which style will you be rocking? Check out my personal festival fashion on Instagram!


Sophisticated Poser


Creating a Style Board for Engagement Pictures


I will collaborate with the you to come up with the visual concept of your project. We will discuss the vision for your shoot and create the overall concept and cohesiveness of the shoot. This will include a Pinterest Board where we collaborate on ideas and ultimately a style board that gives you specific details on theme, color scheme, and direction for the shoot.

Wedding Guest on Point


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Amanda Bell

Finding Your Purpose

I don’t have all of the answers but it has been on my heart to share with you so things that have helped me along the way, in hopes that it provides light at the end of your tunnel.

Here’s 3 things you can start doing TODAY that will help you find your purpose:


I think that it is safe to say that somewhere between 24-27 millennials hit a quarter century life crisis. It’s a stage in life were we question everything we’ve done this far and how we arrived to the point we are current at in life.

Whether good or bad we judge our lives not only by how far we have come in this journey, but how far our peers, people we know, and people we used know pair up against not only our success, but our failures as well. Henceforth a generation full of social media driven self-images.


I don’t have all of the answers but it has been on my heart to share with you some things that have helped me along the way, in hopes that it provides light at the end of your tunnel.

Here’s 3 things you can start doing TODAY that will help you find your purpose:

  1. Focus your efforts in what you are good. Spend your time growing and enhancing that. What you focus on is what grows, so if you are constantly pointing out things you are not good at, that is the self-image you are creating.
  2. Your Tribe dictates your Vibe. If you are around people who don’t appreciate all of the neat and quirky things that you bring to the table, then you don’t need to be eating with them! There are literally BILLIONS of people in the world, no need to sweat anyone that doesn’t want to take the time to understand who you are as a person. Your tribe doesn’t have to look, speak, and act just like you; they just need to appreciate the uniqueness that you bring to the table.

  3. Pray for clarity. Continuously ask God to help you understand your life as it unveils. Ask Him to give you a clear distinction of what opportunities, relationships, and paths are correct for you. This is very important if you fill like you are always going back and forth and you are not really clear why.IMG_3174IMG_3171

Tools to Help:

  1. Make a to-do list daily or weekly. Make your list full of small things that will help you reach a big goal that you see yourself accomplishing within the next 6 months to a year.

  2. Go out of your way to meet new like minded people. A few good places to meet new people could be through special interest groups. I recently started a Brunch in the DFW area called Because Women Love Brunch, just to help women find other like minded women to connect with. You can use apps like Meet Up and Eventbrite to see what is going on in your area.

  3. Daily Devotional Books are great for a small work of encouragement. I have friend that send out a message daily with a devotional and a prayer. I don’t read mine daily as I should, but having prayers that touch on different topics help me when I’m not even sure what to pray for.

Find a similar look here: Dress- Missguided, Shoes- Steve Madden, Photographer- Afritina

IMG_3175 (1).JPG

Originally I was just going to drop the details of my look, because I did slay for this shoot right! But it has been on my heart that if I am going to take the time to enchanted my online space “blog” that it will fulfill my strong desire to create something that inspires not only your outside appearance, but the inside as well.

Have you hit your quarter of a century crisis yet? What are some ways that you seek and follow your purpose daily?

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Sophisticated Poser

5 Tips for Successful Mini Photography Sessions

Quickie, Pronto, and Mini Sessions are all referring to less than a full photo session with a professional photographer. You can see all my favorites from my recent pronto shoot with the talented Afritina below. Although the length of your session is shorter and you will save yourself a few bucks. A good photographer is still a good grip money, even at half the rate. But because I love you and I’m in a giving mood 🙂 I’m going to give you some helpful tips and tricks on how to make the most of your next pronto session!

Tip #1: Find the right photographer for the job. A pronto shoot is great if you have specific shots you want accomplish. Which is why I think it’s an awesome way for bloggers old and new to update and refresh their site. Each photographer has their own style and approach. ie. Afritina is great at creating art and seeing things from a different perspective. A lot of her personal photography is girly grunge. And as you can see from our collaboration that touch comes though in the photos she took of me.

Keep scrolling to get more awesome tips!

Tip#2: Provide your photographer an example of specific shots you want to capture. Don’t have your photographer copy someone else’s work, but instead allow them to put their own twist on it. An example for a blogger would be detailed shots of your outfit, shoes, and accessories.

Tip #3: Don’t be on timeBE EARLY. Early arrival allows you to see what the desired site offers. It also allows you to finish any make-up/ wardrobe touch ups. With this tip ypu will be ready to start the photo when your  photographer arrives/ the set start time. (BOOM! You’re already light years ahead of the game.)


More tips below!

Tip #4: Pre plan any outfit changes. I am not just talking about what you will change into. I’m talking about where will you change? If you are outdoors are you okay with changing in your car or between two open doors. Lol. Now is not the time to be modest. Ask your photographer if they have an outfit change tent. Bring a friend with a sheet. Whatever works. And change like your a NASCAR driver filling up for gas during a race. Time is money. Literally.

Tip #5: Step away from the filters. A photographer works hard to edit your photos. Don’t trash their work by adding a cheesy Instagram filter. If you would like something adjusted let the photographer know and I’m sure they will fix it for you 🙂

Keep scrolling to check out more of my favorite shots from a pronto session with Dallas, photographer Afritina. You can contact her via Instagram. (It goes down in the DM. Lol. I know I’m corny!) Use the code: Sophisticated for a special discount!


If our tips helped you in any way or you just like what you see, leave a comment and let us know below!


Sophisticated Poser

#FBF Slinky Styles


The Slinky Cowl Front Bodycon was the perfect club dress for my Miami trip this summer. Normally a dress from Missguided is going to run you about $40, but they are having a sale and select colors are as low as $13! If you see your size you’d better hurry and snag it, because Missguided sale item GO FAST! 🙂 And don’t worry if you aren’t a frequent club goer just put a duster coat or blazer over your dress and it would be perfect for dinner or a girls night out <3

slinky cowl front bodycon

d6201252_lisa-marie_17.06.15_hm_2749 d5200993_lisamarie_20.05.15_mc_407127 d4200792_dominika_cindy__26.03.15_mc_hm_341824

other slikny options:

d9202882_tsanna_12.08.15_mc_519602 d5201513-_lisamarie_02.07.15_mc_468190 d5200990_cindym_13.05.15_mc_393616


Sophisticated Poser


Fall 2015 Color Trends: Monotone Monday

Fall Monotone Dried Herb
I was trying think of something fun for the blog and since we have been gearing up for Fall I thought it would be cool to introduce Monotone Monday !
But FIRST let’s do a quick review on some Dos and Don’ts of Monotone styling:
• Pick a color that compliments your skin tone and know which color you want to highlight (or be the focus point). Picking the wrong color can ruin your whole look!
• Mix and match your look with varying tones (tints and shades).


My Fall Wish List

With all this talk about preparing for fall and getting my closet in order I had to make a wish list to keep me focused! <3 Be sure to also check out the Top 9 Trends for Fall for some of the hottest styles of the season and shop my closet on EBay for a great bargain on cute items:Fall Wishlist

Forget the Runway… Street Style is Serious Business at NYFW


Street style has more photographers lined up outside of the runway shows at NYFW than inside… Why is that? I took to the streets of New York City during FW SS16′ to get my own take on the subject at matter:

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