Creating a Style Board for Engagement Pictures


I will collaborate with the you to come up with the visual concept of your project. We will discuss the vision for your shoot and create the overall concept and cohesiveness of the shoot. This will include a Pinterest Board where we collaborate on ideas and ultimately a style board that gives you specific details on theme, color scheme, and direction for the shoot.

Wedding Guest on Point


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Amanda Bell


Fall 2015 Color Trends: Monotone Monday

Fall Monotone Dried Herb
I was trying think of something fun for the blog and since we have been gearing up for Fall I thought it would be cool to introduce Monotone Monday !
But FIRST let’s do a quick review on some Dos and Don’ts of Monotone styling:
• Pick a color that compliments your skin tone and know which color you want to highlight (or be the focus point). Picking the wrong color can ruin your whole look!
• Mix and match your look with varying tones (tints and shades).


My Fall Wish List

With all this talk about preparing for fall and getting my closet in order I had to make a wish list to keep me focused! <3 Be sure to also check out the Top 9 Trends for Fall for some of the hottest styles of the season and shop my closet on EBay for a great bargain on cute items:Fall Wishlist

Beach Trip Essentials Guide

Beach Trip Essentials Guide
Check out a detailed list of my Top 10 Beach Trip Essentials to look fabulous and flawless on your next beach trip.

Beach Trip Essentials Guide by sophisticatedposer featuring beach signs