NOMaste Yoga and Brunch

Relaxing yoga, delicious brunch, yummy mimosas and my favorite girl gang all on a Downtown Dallas rooftop? YES PLEASE! Sign me up. It was so much fun to host a community event to gather women in a relaxed environment to connect with like-minded women and enjoy a girls day out!


Our brunch babes filled the rooftop of HG Sply Co last Sunday for a Beyonce vs Solange yoga session taught by GRIT instructor Devyn.


Collaboration. Connection. Community.

Because Women Love Brunch is a safe haven for women to let their guard down and allow themselves the opportunity to meet and connect with a diverse group of like-minded women. To enjoy a girls day out with light and positivity. There have been so many fruitful friendships and collaborations that have been established in the result of women sharing heartfelt laughs over brunch. These relationships will continue to multiply and evolve as we grow ourselves and each other.


Brunch Squad.

Brunch Squad (noun) – The most important meal of the day. Normally shared by a group of women who gather in unity, laughter, and joy over a delicious brunch and yummy mimosas. 


Building Community.

“When I came here, I was looking for community. Then I realized I was helping to create one.”


What are women saying about NOMaste Yoga and Brunch?

“The event was amazing and I’m definitely looking forward to attending more in the future!” – Milana

This was my very first event and I was extremely impressed with everything from the food to the Yoga and the restaurant. I absolutely loved it and I looked forward to the next event. – Sherica

The event was great I truly enjoyed myself. I also had fun meeting new people. I will definitely be on the lookout for upcoming events. -Angelica


Brunch With Us.

Feel free to jam out to our Beyonce vs Solange Playlist and connect with Devyn and attend one of her classes in the future? Find her on Instagram at @sentfromdevyn or check out her website.

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How to Travel the World While Working a Full-Time Job and Side Hustle

If you’re looking for a little help and motivation in this area my girl ShaSha at Busy Being ShaSha has you covered!

It’s already hard enough trying to find a little “me time” in the mist of a crazy hectic schedule. And it’s next to impossible to find time to take off of work to visit more than 1 or 2 of the places that are on your bucket list.

If you’re looking for a little help and motivation in this area my girl ShaSha at Busy Being ShaSha has you covered! On top of being a travel blogger, ShaSha is also a loving wife,  super supportive friend, holds down a full time job and a recent first time home owner! Congrats Love!

I had the pleasure of hosting ShaSha as a panelist during Girl Talk: Catch Flights Not Feeling at Brunch & Bubbly earlier this month. With all of the information she shared you’re going to want to Bookmark this post and come back to it often to get your travel game RIGHT!

ShaSha breaks-it-down and answers some of her most received questions regarding the best travel sites and apps, traveling with Spirit Airlines, finding time to travel while working 40+ hour work weeks, if PSA pre-check is really worth it, and how to make it though a vacation with your hubby or bae.

Flight Sites and Apps I Use to Find Deals:


Google Flights

SkyScanner- App


The Flight Deal- Follow their FB page

Secret Flying- Follow their FB page

Airfare Spot- Follow their FB page

Main Pool

Helpful Links:

1. What You Need to Know About Flying on Spirit

2. How To Schedule Travel When You Have Limited Time Off From Work

3. How To Shorten Your Wait in the Airport Security Line

4. Eight Essential Tips for Your Next Baecation

isla-mujeres-pier-mexicohotel-le-marais-decor-new-orleans-louisianagrand-canyon-national-park-busybeingshashaThis telephone really works! Edited Shasha and Turner Falls.jpg

all images courtesy of

You can catch all of ShaSha’s wanderlust adventures on her blog, Instagram or connect with her through email at:

What are some places that are on your bucket list to see this year? So far I’ve been to LA, New York, Vegas and of course Texas. I’m hoping to visit a National Park this year and a couple of beaches. If you’ve ever been to a National Park or have an favorite beaches please leave me some suggestions below!



Brunch and Bubbly Recap

Because Women Love Brunch Presents: Brunch & Bubbly: Toast To The Good Life

Every event is usually able to be summed up in a few of words. Because Women Love Brunch: Brunch and Bubbly could definitely be described using celebration, elevation, and sisterhood. There is nothing more amazing and special that having a space where women can genuinely connect with one another. Imagined a brunch of 50+ women, you don’t know many or in some cases anyone, but you don’t meet a stranger! That’s the case for a lot of the women that attend their first of many Because Women Love Brunch experiences. 

Brunch & Bubbly focused on creating authentic connections, learning from one another, and celebrating ourselves as well as the women around us.

because-women-love-brunchMajor Key to attending a Because Women Love Brunch: You get out of every event exactly what you put into it. You cannot go to an event in hopes of meeting new people, but not open yourself up to build those relationships. You have to be open and genuine in your approach and conversations.

“True beauty will radiate regardless. It’s not your duty to remove the blinders of those who choose not to see you. Light illuminates light”

What we experienced at Brunch & Bubbly

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Last month Because Women Love Brunch celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary.  And I have so much gratitude and love for the women who continuously support the idea of celebrating average women doing extraordinary things in their lives. These women are the reason why our community is so amazing! Together we have welcomed over 1,900 women into our community, held 12 events in our 3 different chapter cities New York, San Francisco, and right here where it all started Dallas! I could not have done any of this with their love and support.


Don’t make it about what you can gain, but rather what you can give. A true relationship is about give and take; in order to create and cultivate lasting friendships. Ask yourself how you can benefit the people around you. How can you love them, celebrate and encourage them? You can initiate conversation though a simple text or a hang-out on the weekend. Some people may find this to be odd, but you don’t have to be BFFs with someone in order to hang out! Friendships aren’t built overnight, they come from having shared experiences over time. And most of all choose a squad of women that you share a mutual level of respect and admiration for. IMG_0809

“I am not in competition with with my sisters. There is enough space for all of us to win. Honestly, I’ve found that my come up is actually better when there’s more of us involved.”
“We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free.”

Girl Talk Panel

Our Girl Talk Panel was entitled ‘Catch Flights. Not Feelings’ and filled with experts on the matter:

De’Ana of De’Ana Fierce– blogger, yoga instructor, and road trippin’ babe who travels for fun and often for work. De’Ana taught us about traveling smart, getting the most out of a road trip, visiting national parks and hidden gems that can be found by doing a little research. 

ShaSha of Busy Being ShaSha– travel guru and expert in booking the best travel deals. ShaSha gave us some great sites to shop for flight deals, helped us get the most out of our limited vacation days at our 9 to 5’s and the best places to shop for travel luggage and accessories. 

AJ– country hopper and contributor to The Culture Supplier educated us on the difference between your passport and visa, planing group trips with friends, best and alternate travel dates, and my favorite which was tips on using Google Flights!

Stay connected to as I will be posting a blog next week sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks dished during our ‘Catch Flights. Not Feelings’ Girl Talk Panel.

What are women saying about Brunch & Bubbly:

“Each event gets better and better. Super excited to use all the travel tips that were shared. Met some new ladies and reconnected with others. Looking forward to the next few events!” – Jennifer

“These events are always amazing! Will keep coming until Amanda shifts to something greater, which I know she will!”Michelle Nelson -Andrea

“This was so fun! It’s amazing when women can get together to learn, grow, socialize, and laugh. I’m looking forward to future events!!!” – Michelle

Special Thanks To:


Special thank you to the CURLS team for their continuous support and efforts to empower women.

Special Thanks To: Drika of CURLS, Arisbet Cantú of Devilla Dallas, Jasmine of The Vibrant Life, Jessica of Woman of Purpose, Marrica of Photosbythefro, Nomi of TheCookwithCakes , Muriel of MWest Styles and Ashley of Ashley Devonna 

“It’s because our friendships – female friendships are just a hop to our sisterhood, and sisterhood can be a very powerful force, to give the world… the things that humans desperately need”

We would love to see YOU at our next Because Women Love Brunch event! We are currently preparing for our Summer Sip and Chat in San Francisco, CA and Yoga & Brunch in Dallas, TX. As always, for more information please visit or sign up for updates.

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BWLBrunch SMART Goals Recap

BWLBrunch SMART Goals was the ultimate brunch experience for like-minded goal oriented women who truly want to get out of the cycle of creating goals on top of goal without substantial progress in the areas that matter the most to them.

BWLBrunch SMART Goals was the ultimate brunch experience for like-minded goal oriented women who truly want to get out of the cycle of creating goals on top of goal without substantial progress in the areas that matter the most to them.

For us that often feel like it’s hard to communicate our goals to your friends and gain the kind of support that will help propel us forward. And for us who have mantained the habit of creating and achieving goals and want to pass along information, encouragement, and support to others.

Breaks out into Solange- ‘For Us’ ✨🎤🎶


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This recap is specifically to spill all of the “good tea” that was shared last Saturday! ☕️🐸 We started the brunch off with motivational quotes, intros, and of course we Juju-ed on the BEAT. Lol. You know just your normal brunch kick off!

If you want to learn more about BWLBrunch as a whole, checkout some of our past recaps.


Good food. Great Company. Positive Vibes



Who: Goal Oriented, Focused, and Fun Women DFW and surrounding areas

What: Brunch Soiree + Goal Setting Session

Where: Dallas, Texas

Our objective was to walk away from BWLBrunch: Smart GOALS with

• clear actions to help us get REAL with our goals

• obtain specific ways to measure our goals

• a better game plan to attack our goals and make major gains in 2017 regarding health and wellness, relationships, personal branding and finances.



The women of BWLBrucnh came together and celebrate a year that is coming to past and focus on the new year ahead. Because Women Love Brunch was created as a space to CONNECT like-minded goal oriented women, allow us to gather in COMMUNITY, and COLLABORATE on similar objectives.




The Girl Talk Panel discussed the topics of Money Elevations with Money Launder Advisor, Tara, Health and Fitness with Respiratory Educator, owner of Creations by Chris, and health enthusiast Christiana and Relationships and Situationships with Regional Sales Director and founder of I am Women of Purpose, Jessica Chinyelu. There was so much good tea was spilled during our Girl Talk! ☕️🐸 We really focused on specific ways to better ourselves and resources that are available to help us on our journey!

What are people saying about BWLBrunch: SMART Goals


Special Thank You

Special thank you to all of our event sponsors: Miss Jessie’s, Mary Kay, Creations by Chris, and Porsch Stores. Do me a favor and connect with them, support them, collaborate wherever it makes sense, and most importantly gain synergy with what you are passionate about.

Thank you to our national sponsor Miss Jessie’s who is hands down, the proven expert in curls period!

Link Up: @miss_jessies /

Meet Caris, owner E-Commerce Boutique- Porsch Stores, Consultant and Web Designer helping aspiring entrepreneurs with resources to launch an e-commerce business

Link Up: @p0rschstores / @learnwithcaris@p0rsch /

Thank you to our event sponser Independent Beauty Consultant Gail Harris.

Link Up: (469) 778-1366 / /

Thank you to our event sponsor Creations by Chris who specializes in custom make gifts and home decor. You name it, she can create it!

Link Up:

Meet Marrica Evans, Brand + Style Infulencer and Photographer

Link Up: @flantyourfro / @photosbythefro

Meet DJ Juice who resides in Tyler, TX but DJs all over the world. He is also an On-Air Personality and Mixer or 102.7 106.9 The Blaze

Link Up: @DJJuice404

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#BWLBrunch: Kick Off Brunch Recap

Photography: Afritina

What is BWLBrunch? 

Imagine a room full of women that are directors, educators, hr professional, sales executives, and medical professionals surrounded in the company of like minded women laughing, talking and discussing the future. Imagine those women as entrepreneurs and leaders that desire to excel not only in their professional life, but personal businesses, goals and aspirations as well. #BWLBrunch stands for Because Women Love Brunch; but we are more than a social group, we create a space that provides women the opportunity to gain accelerated relationships, collaborations, and fellowship with like minded women. This is for that woman that has enough “friends”, but often seeks like minded women to discuss business ventures, future dreams, and accountability.

What do we do?

We build connections that force one another to level up. Our vision is to connect women through brunches and other activities such as fitness classes, goal setting sessions, and we’ll later feature an invite only setting for entrepreneurs and accelerated leaders. We  encourage collaboration, community and elevated focus on constant progression.

Already a member?

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Follow this link to sign up for updates in regard to future events.


If you would like to be a sponsor or have your work displayed at the next #BWLBrunch please contact us at

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some of the attendants of #BWLBrunch Kick Off Event

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
founder Amanda Bell pictured with Jamaica  of Las Vegas (special thank you for attending our event while visiting Texas)
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Attorney Keisha and Head master Chef Amber

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founder Amanda Bell pictures with stylist Megan

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Sophisticated Poser