Goal Finesse Challenge

What would you say if I told I could help you achieve your goals? (details inside)

Hey Ladies,

If your not on the BWLBrunch VIP email listing then you may have missed that next Monday, February 20th 8pm EST, I’m holding a special FREE challenge called Goal Finesse where I’ll walk you through the exact steps I used to get real about creating and achieving my goals.

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Here’s just a taste of what I’m teaching:

  • The little-known strategies to help you create clearer goals for your life
  • The REAL reason you aren’t achieving your goals and the unconscious mistakes you’re making that actually work against your progress
  • Why the typical blog post and articles that give you quick fixes are a waste of your time and what you should be doing instead
  • And so much more!

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Sponsor Spotlight: A Seat At The Table

So show all of my girl bosses mad love! Checkout their products/ services and BLOW UP their social media! Tell em’ BWLBrunch sent ya!


I wanted to give special THANK YOU to the sponsors of BWLBrunch The Connection: A Seat At The Table. I wanted to thank the business women that partnered and collaborated with our community. Sponsor Spotlight is an opportunity for these women to shine and for us to support women in business that support positive movements! They’ve done their part by being vested in the community. Let’s do our part and show these girl bosses mad love! Checkout their products/ services and BLOW UP their social media! Tell em’ BWLBrunch sent ya!

Miss Jessie’s / @miss_jessies

Founded by sisters Miko and Titi Branch, Miss Jessie’s Products took the curly hair market by storm in 2004! Armed with curly hair product development from their salon/workshop, they were able to perfect their curly hair product’s performance. Known for its expertise in styling curly, kinky, and wavy hair of all types and textures, Miss Jessie’s Salon became the go to place for curly hair solutions. 



Curls /  @frizzfreecurls

During the last decade, CURLS has emerged as a leader in the natural hair care industry. Continued development of new products has further established its unique formulation of certified organic ingredients which are distinctive of the CURLS brand.

Discerning celebrity consumers like Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Nia Long, Tia Mowry, Chili of the Grammy award wining R&B group, TLC, Blair Underwood, Ashanti, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Echo Kellum seek out the superior quality and natural components of CURLS products

Curls products can be found nationwide in Target, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Rite Aid, CVS and Duane Reed. CURLS will also partner with retail giant, Wal-Mart in March 2013. Products are also sold through CURLS’ on-line store at www.CURLS.biz.


Bundle Box / @ilovebundlebox

Their mission is to bring you luxury Virgin Hair at an affordable price. Their goal is to show you the many benefits that subscribing for quality hair extensions can provide.

Subscribing saves you money, time, and most of importantly stress. They’ve have created a simple, cost effective, and easy to use process for women that change their look every few months. The idea is to remove the difficulty of driving to the hair store, finding out what is in stock and shopping around for the best retail price. Avoid all of the hassle.



Pretty Girls Cook- Paper Flowers / @_prettygirlscook

Brittny of Pretty Girls Cook recently added gardens of paper bloomed flowers to her menu! Pretty, fun and sassy she can cover a plethora of your party and event need. Bartending services, decorations, and much more! DM her on IG or shoot her an email!



Jessica’s Bake Shop / @loveatfirstcookie

Jessica Palmer and her mom is Laura are a mother/daughter duo in Dallas, Tx. Jessica says her mom taught her everything she knows about baking and allowed it to become not only a hobby, but a passion for her while growing up. Their baking is all self-taught and has been passed on through generations. For now they deliver and schedule pick-up orders, but their ultimate goal is to open a storefront in the North Dallas area and have you stop by whenever you want!

Jessica’s Bake Shop is an in home bakery serving the North Dallas area, operating under the Texas Cottage Food Law. The Bake Shop started in June of 2015 and we continue to grow in talent, ideas, and customers.


KJ Priority Marketing@kjpm_

KJ Priority Marketing (KJPM), is an established marketing company that services promotional and event staffing needs. They have worked with startup companies to the hottest celebrity events in Texas. A brand with a strong marketing team has the ability to expand beyond limits.

Two heads are better than one! Krystal Obioha and Jaime Riser have been conquering the marketing industry since 2010. Commonly known in the industry as: The Dynamic Duos of Dallas,TX! KJ Priority marketing executes flawless marketing tactics that not only increase client’s revenue, but also engages consumers while getting them excited about your brand. We are an attractive, dedicated and professional team of elite marketers that are trained to entice consumers with the latest and greatest products & services.

KJPM offers services which includes: Promotional Marketing, Advertisement, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Music Festivals, VIP Activations and much more!


We Are Unveiled / @weareunveiled

We Are Unveiled exists to transform women’s ministry in the body of Christ, through the word of our testimony, by creating a safe place and platform for women all over the world to share their stories and victory in Jesus’ name. WAU is continually developing this through a Holy Spirit-led culture of authenticity, intentionality, and, most of all, discipleship. Their desire through their ministry is to serve the church by building a bridge, exposing the enemies’ lies, and unveiling God’s truth.


Weyone Style / @weyonestyle

Isatu Rogers is the founder of Weyone Style. As a women who who born and raised in Freetown Sierra Leone, she wanted to share her perceptive in African Fashion with a modern twist. The majority of her merchandise is crafted in Sierra Leone and Ghana by a small group of highly talented tailors in low income communities that lack opportunities. Affordable prices make wages for their tailors possible. Due to the scale of our production team each style comes in limited quantities to insure quality. Isatu’s goal is bring to you the latest Africa inspired styles with authentic fabrics at affordable prices. She believes in growing in the community from inside out.

Thank you again to all of these amazing women! If you want to partner with the BWLBrunch community for upcoming events, send us an email at contact@bwlbrunch.com


Amanda Bell


A Seat At The Table DFW Recap

A gathering of 60+ women all in one space filled with positivity, radiance, and community. Learn what it means to have A Seat At The Table.

Because Women Love Brunch presents… The Connection: A Seat At The Table

A gathering of 60+ women all in one space filled with positivity, radiance, and community. The concept of A Seat At The Table embodies sisterhood and solidarity. It acknowledges the fact that as women we tend to build walls that block relationships. We self-consciously build those walls for varies reasons; broken relationship, past hurt and regret, self doubt… All of that. We acknowledge those things and there truth within our lives so that we can move forward. TOGETHER.


We understand that in order to grow together; in order to really have “a seat” we have to get past the surface conversations. You know those conversation that seem to play on repeat, “Hello, Hey Girl! How are you?” “Good, How’s work?” Great, it was good to see you.” We have to move past the surface and dig deeper in order to grow together.

BWLBrunch provides the opportunity to connect with like-minded women while building community and promoting collaboration.


What you learn when you decide to have ‘A Seat At The Table’

Affirming your life will save you from yourself. It’s time we stop thinking small for ourselves and level up on ourselves! We down play our achievements and allow self doubt to overcome the faith that we’ve built. At A Seat At The Table we discussed and created affirmation cards and made declarations over our lives.


My sister is not my competition, but my comrade. As women we tend to build a wall so fast and shut people out. BWLBrunch is full of women who are focused on setting and obtaining their goals. Women who are progressive in thoughts and actions. Business and boss savvy women who continue to level up and push those around them to do the same. Which is why collaboration is such a huge part of BWLBrunch; we strive to seek what we have to offer instead of what we can gain. We are more than a social group. We are the thinkers, leaders, and creators of tomorrow.


My hurt can and will help others. Our testimony; our stories, the things that we have overcome that made us stronger and our testimonies make those around us stronger. We build comradery, share information and become accountability partners through a space that Because Women Love Brunch has created. This space allows like-mind women to come together with women within their own neighborhoods and across the world. This connectivity fosters a sense of friendship, sisterhood, and community.


Girl Talk Panel

BWLBrunch Girl Talk Panel is a fun light hearted discussion amongst girl friends. We laugh and learn from our very own members that are experts in their field or trade. At our last Girl Talk Panel we discussed Smart Goals and at A Seat At the Table it was only right to discuss all things hair (hair oils, regiment, and styling techniques) with hair stylist, Marlissa of Luxee Rae and natural hair guru, Aye Ciara.

Aye Ciara / @ayeciara and Marlissa of Luxee Rae / @marlissa

What are other people saying about BWLBrunch The Connection: A Seat At The Table:

“I loved everything! The location, food, group of women, the discussion, and the sample products. Thank you so much!” – Jennifer

“This was such a lovely event! Amanda, you are an exceptional host. You made each woman feel welcome. I truly enjoyed myself and appreciated the positive, empowering theme. The venue was perfect and the food/service was great. I met some amazing women, and hope to meet many more at future meetups!” – Shavela

“Awesome.” – LaQ Marie

“The meet up was amazing! The vibes was perfect! Such a positive atmosphere!” – Brandi

“Great event! Can’t wait until the next one.” – Tia

“Excellent! Wonderful event!!” – Alexis

Special Thanks To:

Curls /  @frizzfreecurls, Bundle Box / @ilovebundlebox , We Are Unveiled / @weareunveiledMiss Jessie’s / @miss_jessiesJessica’s Bake Shop / @loveatfirstcookie, Paper Flowers / @_prettygirlscookPhotos By The Fro / @photosbythefro, DJ Juice / @djjuice404KJ Priority Marketing@kjpm_Weyone Style / @weyonestyle


And of course it literally always a PARTY when we get together! First we GROW together, then we PARTY together! Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee.

Can’t get enough of the BWLBrunch Community?!. Join Us for a FREE 3 Day Goal Finesse Challenge and gain early access the next BWLBrunch event that only members in attendance at A Seat At The Table know about!



Vision Boards and 4 ways to go about it…

So we’re one month into 2017…

I get that everyone isn’t up for spending hours cutting pictures out of a paper magazine. That just isn’t how you see yourself actualizing you goals. Whatever it is that you do I URGE you to write your goals down.

“Write it down on real paper with a real pencil. And watch shit get real” – Erykah Badu

Writing down your goal is not some new revelation that I or your life coach created. It can from the word of God. No seriously, see for yourself!

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain on tables, that he may run that reads it.

Habakkuk 2:2

When the Bible states, “write these things so that they can easily be seen on the go”… Let’s apply this to your goals. Write them out, so that you have clarity on the results you want to gain from each day.

I’m going to share with you 4 simple ways to write out you goals and give you some bonus tips that will make you highly successful in doing so:

Number 1. Old school journaling. Every day that you journal write some of you biggest goals at the top of your journal. And write down 3 small actions that will help you get closer to those goals.

Number 2. Mary Jane. I call this process the Mary Jane because she is infamous for sticky notes full of thoughts and quotes everywhere. Take sticky know and write down specific actions that you want to be carried out in your life. Put them everywhere or collect them on a cork board. Although I’ve tried all of the methods, this one was my favorite.

My first Vision Board Ever! (2014)

Number 3. Dry Erase Markers. If you watch Married to Medicine you recently saw Dr. Heavenly act this out. She took a dry erase marker and wrote down a challenging goal and Bible verse that she felt would help her follow through with that goal. Now I can’t say that’s it working out for her, but trust me I’ve use the same method before and it was great. I wrote 3 goals and a positive affirmation or statement directed towards myself.

Number 4. The power of a vision board. Vision boards are fun because creating goals can become a group effort. You can share your goals with your friends and create your boards together. I think this is great for people who need a little encouragement or help on where to start in this whole goal setting process. Being around other people that have big goals for themselves is sure to light a fire for you as well.

My first Vision Board Party (2015)


Keep your goal organized. When I first wrote why you need a vision board on my blog back in 2015 I talked about creating goals in “categories”. What are some areas of your life that are important? Focus on creating goals in those areas first. For me it’s always relationships with God and my family, financial stability, and career goals.

Reach for the stars, but remember Earth is your home base. I’m encouraging you to dream big. Create goals that are outside of your comfort zone and really cause you to level up on yourself. But to get too cray cray. And you know what I mean. Your #1 goal can’t be to get to a million dollar this year is you haven’t figure out how to get to $100,000


Holiday Vision Board Party with my Family (2015)

Reward yourself for small goal achievements. Which is why I set small goals that help me achieve larger ones. I know that a large goal may take a year or two to actualize, so I create those small goal to give me a reason to celebrate my step in the right direction. Don’t be hard on yourself. Be disciplined in your actions but don’t down yourself because you haven’t made it to the finish line.

These are all some of the strategies I’ve use over the years to help me get serious about my goals. I hope this in some ways it will do the same for you. I have something really exciting that I’ve been working that will help you get better results from your goals. Join the Because Women Love Brunch Accountability Group if you wanna hear about it FIRST!



Dallas Foodie Good Food, Strong Drinks

Good food, strong drinks! Let’s Eat! Don’t read this is dieting is one of your NY resolutions!



This selfie has nothing to do with the restaurant, but I thought I was cute or whateva. 💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾 So.. here it is!… Moving on!

Henry’s Majestic is pretty LIT! Good food, nice bar area, banging patio. 👌🏾 I went in the middle of December, of course we are talking about Texas so it was about 65+ degrees 🤗 I’m excited to go back during the summer. The food was pretty good and the drink were awesome. This is the type of place you go to get a good crafted drink. 🍹



To my surprise I came right on time for Happy Hour. Hey don’t judge me, I see you judging me. It was 5pm SOMEWHERE! ☺️


Good table options:


I got the the shrimp and grits. Great option except for the heeps of hot sauce on the top (Got Hot Sauce in my BAG SWAGG! Lol) 👛👛👛 Yea, just get that *ish on the side.


Good main options:


I obviously have the Marrow Spiked Burger with a side of Hand Cut Russets.. MAGIC! I stuffed myself and finished it all. Lol lol.


Did I mention that they have live music Friday & Saturday night as well as Brunch hours on Sunday! So go there and ask for Carlos, a.) because he was a great server and b.) he took a couple of picture of me without making it super awkward. 📸 Lol Thanks Los!


What I’m Wearing:

Old Men’s Band Tee- Hot Topic

Faux Leather Cami Dress- Missguided

Sock Booties- Boohoo

Shaggy Sweater- Dillard’s last year


Sophisticated Poser

How I bought my Dream Car for my 26th Birthday

Did I ever tell you about the time that I went out and bought myself a Mercedes Benz?! 🤗🤗🤗 Seriously I probably didn’t because I know you don’t care! Lol But read this anyway.

Denim Style Guide

Best Denim StyleBest Denim StyleBest Denim StylePink SweaterDistress Denim Hem

I’ve been overly obsessed with denim lately. Although it has been a sad occasion for my wallet, I think you will find a lot of joy knowing that I have researched and updated the best 9 types of jeans for women this season! Thankfully jeans are a staple and isn’t something you should replace every season. I mean… unless you outgrow them. But right now we are in our fantasy closet where our tummy stay on flat-flat and well I’m sure you know the rest! ☺️☺️

I’m giving you the updated status on what to keep and what to rid yourself of as you prepare to embrace this winter weather! Here are the top 9 jeans for the upcoming seasons:

1. High Rise Clean And Dark

This is going to be great jean to pair with so many of the color trends for winter. Perfect for a denim, sweater and thigh boot combo. This will give you a clean trendy look without looking like you gave your outfit too much thought.

I just snagged a pair from Fashion Nova!

2. Colored Denim

This isn’t a type of denim that I normally go for, but if you can find a nice pair at a good price then it would be a great addition to your closet. For this winter season I suggest opting for a cranberry, olive, or grey denim

Colored Skinny Jeans

Tip: Search your local TJ Max or Marshall’s before you splurge on colored denim.

3. Ripped Skinny

Ripped denim is always fun! I prefer denim that is ripped at the knee and below. I’m not a fan of my hefty thigh meat sticking out of my jeans. 😩😒 Distressing at the top half of my jean and fine, anything else has to be something I’m literally dying to have.

High Waisted Jeans

Tip: If you have enough ripped denim try a moto cut jean like these, that will give your jeans some edge without the holes.

4. Boyfriend Jeans

These are a go to for me. Boyfriend jeans can be dubbed as a comfortable and sexy jean depending on your choice of top and shoes.

Example: Casual- Boyfriend jeans, stripped tee shirt and booties  Sexy- Boyfriend jeans, over sized sweater, and pumps

5. Wax Coated Jeans

I like Wax Coated Jeans much more that faux leather jeans. Much better fit and I don’t have to go up 12 sizes just to get my leg in the pants! Lol!

6. Distressed Hem Jeans

Skinny jeans with a little edge! You can go all out with full on fray or you can do a more settled look shown below.

7. Mom Jeans

A good upgrade to boyfriend jeans. A cute comfy feel with a more feminine cut.

8. Embroidered Jeans

My fun jeans, super cute for weekend wear.

9. Flare Legged Jeans

Flare Legged Jeans are great because they are flattering to most women, no matter your shape and size. Beware of the length that you decide to get. Flare legged jeans will not give you versatile shoe options like skinny and boyfriend jeans.

Tip: Take your jeans to a local tailor along with your favorite shoes for the perfect length alteration.

10. Busted Knee Skinny

🚨 Disclaimer: When I providing you with this guide I’m not doing it to say hey you! 👋🏾 if you wanna be cool like me go out and buy such and such. I’m provide you with the best information so that you can go out and make conscious and educated decisions with your suga daddies hard earned money! 💰 LOL (I’m kidding about the suga daddy part!)

So tell me what jeans do you see you yourself adding to you wardrobe this season?


Amanda Bell

How Saying YES Provides Growth

My comfort zone is a straight forward simply put No. But I do it in a very nice and nonchalant way. You know, with a comforting smile on my face. One that lets you know that I would really really love to do that thing, go to that place, attend that event, but I just can’t. I’ve gotten good at the type of “No” that still allows us to be friends.

Why is that?

I like my “me time”! Hey what can I say?! I never really understood why people have such a hard time with saying No. My simplicity of “No” probably stems from the fact that I don’t hold a high regard to being accepted by people. I’ve learned that I value someone’s respect, but I don’t seek their approval. I’ve considered myself an outcast most of my life and by the time I hit 25 I learned to embrace the people that understood me, with all of my quirky and bougie ways. 🤓🤓🤓

I promised myself a couple of years ago that I wouldn’t do anything that I genuinely didn’t want to do.

What I’m Learning

I’ve recently found the value in saying YES. It’s often that people that are close enough to you will see your potential more that you do! I have friends and family members that ask me to do the craziest things. And it’s because they believe in me. They put their faith in my abilities and I am often amazed by what they think little ole’ me can accomplish!
In the past year I’ve planned trips, creatively directed photo shoots, hosted events, gained national sponsors, created websites, logos and print work all because the people that I surround myself inadvertently helped push my interest further!

That Part 👆🏾So what I just said is a two way street. The people that you surround yourself with need to know what your passionate about, what your working on, and what you are interested in. It should all be clear through your actions and conversation.

It was the YES to a phone call, to YES to a dinner or coffee invitation, the YES to a favor for a friend, and the YES to attend and event that helped strengthen those relationships.

Meaningful relationships bring forth thought provoking conversations and ideas.

So what am I saying

What I’m trying to say is don’t close yourself off so tight that you stunt your own growth. Allow genuine and organic relationships to help propel you forward. Meeting people is only half of the battle, you have to grow and foster any relationship that being substance into your life.

So as 2016 comes to a close think back to what relationships you helped to foster and grow in your life this year. Was it someone new that you met a few months ago? A friend from high school or college that you reconnected with?


Amanda Bell

Suede Jacket x New York City

I love to travel to New York. It’s always so exciting, with so much to do and so much to see. I was in full tourist mode. Here are some gems I found while roaming New York City.

Get this look:

Suede Jacket, Ripped Mom Jeans, H&M Tank, Shoes, Purse and Fedora

New York City

I love to travel to New York. It’s always so exciting, with so much to do and so much to see. On my last trip in September I went for Fashion Week, but a little burnt out on the fashion scene I decided to checkout what else NYC had to offer. I was in full tourist mode. Here are some gems I found while roaming New York City.

Harlem had to be my favorite place. I went on a Sunday afternoon. I loved the vibes and the culture of Harlem. I shopped local street vendors and visited the Studio Museum in Harlem which is filled with amazing painting mainly from local artist.

I also visited Little Italy which was awesome. There was a lot of Italy restaurants and people and music filled the streets. If you’re dying to see Chinatown it’s pretty close, but it honestly doesn’t compare to Chinatown in San Francisco!

Favorite restaurants

Bea was cute little swanky spot not to far from Time Square Central that have great hand crafted drinks and appetizers.

I pretty much lived at The Cafeteria while in New York! It’s a diner that is open 24/7 that serves great Southern and American food. I had their salmon and mashed potatoes, meat loaf and chicken and waffles TWICE 😳. Lol

Parker & Quinn was a great brunch place about 3 block from Bryant Park. Is a vintage style American dining restaurant with amazing breakfast. The reviews mentioned hand crafted drink, but it was before noon so I opted out.. FOR ONCE!

Getting around

I’m obsessed with public transport! Being from Texas and living in California, neither of which have a strong public transportation system. I think the subway is why fell in love with New York on my first trip. It allowed me to be independent and do more on my own that I had ever done on trip solo.

The first night that I visited New York back in 2015 my cousin rode the subway with me and I remember him tell me, “if the street number is higher go uptown and if the street number is smaller go downtown”. At the time that meant nothing to me, but I typed it in my phone notes, because I figured it would be important later! By the time that trip was over I thought I was a pro and more than anything I was thankful that I didn’t get lost or robbed. 😂🙌🏾


I’m planning my next trip to New York and I need some new places to put on my list! Let me know your favorite hidden gems in New York.


Amanda Bell

Money Talks…

I had bad money management. Or should I say the lack of money management. My budgeting skills consisted of how I would make do with the money that I had until my next payday.

During the BWLBrunch: Smart Goals Brunch we had a bomb Girl Talk Panel with one of the topics specifically geared towards money management and elevation. One of our panelist was Anti Money Laundering Advisor and BWLBrunch Member, Tara who shared some of her thoughts on money management. She also shared some great resources that we can all take advantage of, that I will share later on in this post. (So stick around!) Tara’s advice got me thinking about my own money trials and triumphs.

I want to get REAL about money. Is that okay?

I’m going jump straight into it. I remember there being times that I was down to my last dime. And I don’t mean that figuratively. I literally remember taking all of the coins I had and going to buy a meal, not because I was being resourceful… It was because I WAS FLAT OUT BROKE. I didn’t think much of it because that was a way of life for me. I was your average American living paycheck to paycheck.

Image result for money management black women

I remember when I had graduated college and I was on my own; my sister came to pick me up to take me home for the holidays and I literally broke down balling on the floor. I was crying because I was in debt with a payday loan company and I was overwhelmed. I don’t know if I was crying because I owed money or that I really couldn’t understand how I got so far off of track from the life that I knew I should be living.

I had bad money management. Or should I say the lack of money management. My budgeting skills consisted of how I would make do with the money that I had until my next payday.


Have you ever had a time in your life were money management was non-existence? Have you created a budget only to find yourself going back to old habits or not following through with the plan you created? Or have you created good money management habits, but you really want to learn how to elevate your money and allow your money to work for you through budgeting and investments?

If you fall into any of those categories you are going to love the resources Tara provided for us!

I really had to get serious about my view of money and the way I planned to budget my life through money.

I remember the first time I sat with a financial planner and we wrote out how much money I made, all of the bills I had and how much money I should be saving  per pay period. Would you believe me if I told once we wrote it all down on paper I had nothing left to save.

I was so sad when I left that office. I was about 22 at the time, I had graduated college, I had a full-time job and after all of my bills were paid I wouldn’t have two dimes to rub together. After that meeting I decided that I was not making enough money to even give myself the option to make good money management decisions.

I worked towards a few promotions at my current job, but I eventually got a new job. And once I took on that new job with better pay I felt like I was on a fresh path to take this budget thing on HEAD ON!

I remember sitting at my desk and making my first real budget.

I wrote out line by line the things I paid for down to the T. One thing that Tara mentioned during the Girl Talk Panel was to make a budget that is tailored to who YOU ARE. If you get your hair done twice a month budget for that, if you are like me and go to the grocery store twice a week budget for that. You like to giving to your church regularly? Yep, budget for that too.

Below are some of the specific tools Anti Money Laundering Advisor, Tara shared with us at BWLB: Smart Goals that will help you on you journey:

Mint – Mint, Intuit’s personal finance app, is a lifesaver for keeping tabs on your overall financial health. The app links up with all your different bank accounts, loan accounts, credit cards, and shows them all within a single, streamlined interface. This is especially helpful with transaction searching, so you can figure out which card or account you used to buy something at the department store. Mint also offers recommendations based on your habits, offering new loan accounts, special credit card offers, or other suggestions on how you can save money. – Digital Trends

Image result

Digital App– gives you a deeper dive into your finances. I think this is a great app for anyone who already has the bases of creating and following a budget down, but really want to take a better overview of their financial status for now and future plans.

Research– This is one of the most important steps that Tara mentioned. Your budget is personal, based off of your lifestyle, the goals you have set, and the season of your life that you are currently in. I found two additional resources here and here.

Acorns App– Acorns works by encouraging you to invest your spare change. Using a system they call “round-ups,” Acorns monitors your bank account and automatically invests the change from your daily purchases.

What are some of your best money management or money elevation tips that you have used in the past or are currently using now! I want to hear.