BWLBrunch: Back2School Supply Drive

Last week the ladies of Because Women Love Brunch met up for a few drinks and a good cause. BWLBrunch: Happy Hour x Back2School Supply Drive; the mission was to relax and wine down after work with a group of positive like minded women. The goal was to donate school supplies to children in need with the DFW metroplex.

All supplies donated went to Partners of Dallas who service over 2500 children in Dallas County.

If you would like to donate to Partners of Dallas on behalf of Because Women Love Brunch please click here.

Donations will be accepted from now until August 19th at the Community Partners of Dallas Central Location (1215 Skiles Street, Dallas, Texas 75204).

Partners of Dallas will also be accepting donations through August 19th at various drop off locations in Dallas.

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#BWLBrunch: Summer Sip and Chat Recap

Pitchers full of champagne and fruity juices, cute swank decorations, and positive career driven women all in search of other link minded women. The BWLBrunch: Summer Sip and Chat was a laid back environment for women to create accelerated relationships…

Photograhy: Gernelle Nelson 
Calligraphy: Megan Cotes 


Pitchers full of champagne and fruity juices, cute swank decorations, and positive career driven women all in search of other like¬†minded women. The BWLBrunch: Summer Sip and Chat was a laid back environment for women to create accelerated relationships. A lot like the¬†Kick off Brunch we started the event in¬†discussion of why there was a need for a group such as Because Women Love Brunch and the vision that has blossomed into so many relationships.We aren’t looking to replace the friends that you already have, but rather to provide you with a different type of friendship. The kind that allows you to share your goals and visions, have goal setting sessions, and gain an accountability partner. Didn’t get a chance to see BWLBrunch: Kick off Brunch recap? Check it out here!



I have come¬†up with a way to help the women at the event connect and learn a little bit of information about several women in a short amount of time. I do that so that women are allowed to meet people beyond who that are sitting by, who they came with and who they already know. I have them exchange information about themselves to one another that will spark something and have women¬†think. “She seems interesting, I want to talk to her before I leave today!” ūü§Ē Whether it is her current career path, age or location. I understand that everyone sees value in those things differently.


I stress that the events are an opportunity for women to meet one another, but I urge for them to take those relationships and foster them outside of the brunch events. To contact one and another after the event. I always ask that women that have attended a Because Women Love Brunch event in the past to lead the charge in this. We call them our Brunch Bosses! Because they brunch like a BOSS. ūüĎĮūüćīūüćĻ


During the first hour of the brunch we had so much interaction with one and other, there was a magical moment where I looked up and every women was in conversation with someone she didn’t know before she came to the event. Every one was laughing and talking. I thought to myself. This is what it is all about!¬†ūüôĆūüôĆūüôĆ


(L to R) Sales Manager and Business Owner Gail, Nurse Practitioner Jennifer, Brunch Boss: Respiratory Clinical Educator Christiana, Teacher Dominique, and Teacher and Business Owner April

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Brunch Boss: Healthcare Auditor Chika and Business Owner Lisa
Business Owner Natasha and Jennifer
Brunch Bosses: Account Executive Jennifer, Financial Adviser Selena, Nurse Cynthia, and Attorney Keisha
Nurse Practitioner Jennifer and Auditor Ngozi

Want know what other women¬†are saying about Because Women Love Brunch? Check out #TheBrunchQueen’s blog post¬†and feedback below!

BWLBrunch Group


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#BWLBrunch: Kick Off Brunch Recap

Photography: Afritina

What is BWLBrunch? 

Imagine¬†a room full of women that are directors, educators, hr professional, sales executives, and medical professionals surrounded in the company of¬†like minded women¬†laughing, talking and discussing¬†the future. Imagine those women as entrepreneurs and leaders that desire to excel not only in their professional life, but personal businesses, goals and aspirations as well. #BWLBrunch stands for Because Women Love Brunch; but we are more than a social group, we create a space that provides women the opportunity to gain accelerated relationships, collaborations, and fellowship with like minded women. This is for that woman that has enough “friends”, but often seeks like minded women to discuss business ventures, future dreams, and accountability.

What do we do?

We build connections that force one another to level up. Our vision is to connect women through brunches and other activities such as fitness classes, goal setting sessions, and we’ll later feature an invite only setting for entrepreneurs¬†and accelerated leaders. We ¬†encourage collaboration, community and elevated focus on constant progression.

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some of the attendants of #BWLBrunch Kick Off Event

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
founder Amanda Bell pictured with Jamaica  of Las Vegas (special thank you for attending our event while visiting Texas)
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Attorney Keisha and Head master Chef Amber

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founder Amanda Bell pictures with stylist Megan

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5 Keys to Success From Passion to Profit with Jacque Amadi

I was virtually introduced to Jacque through her awesome Instagram feed and the information that she provides to entrepreneurs through her blog post and e-books. Her blog is filled with so much valuable information that teaches you how to improve your online presence, build excitement for product launches, and she is the queen of brand building . Which all translates into her new workshop From Passion to Profit. 

I had the pleasure of attending the workshop a few weeks ago and I am going to breakdown what I learned. I can’t give you all of the info, you’ll have to get plugged into Jacque for that! But trust me you’ll be thanking me!

First off, let me set the scene for you, so that you may join me: Picture yourself on a Sunday afternoon sharing mimosas and donuts with the girls. Can’t picture it?!. Don’t worry I have visuals ūüôā

“Okay now that your head is in the right space… [Virtually] take a sip of your mimosa and let’s get this party started on turning your Passion to Profit!”


Jacque’s From Passion to Profit Workshop is an awesome bridge for entrepreneurs such as yourself to organize exactly what you are good at and how you can turn something you enjoy into not only additional income, but a main source of income. The workshop included a STEP by STEP workbook with instructions as well as breakout sessions.

It was great because Jacque shared some of her story and created an environment for others to share theirs. Talk about GIRL POWER! Jacque brought out the big guns for her expert panel as well; all women with successful businesses and or non-profit organizations whom are well versed in various fields:

(LtoR) Marketing Maven- Jennifer, Lawyer turned Fashion Guru- Leah Frazier, Blog Queen- Doni Brown, and Founder of Woman of Purpose and YouTube show Dialogue Jessica Chinyelu Not pictured: Photographer- Gernelle Nelson

Not only was From Passion to Profit filled with encouragement and positive vibes, but the layout that Jacque provided helps you build a solid game plan and provides you with the opportunity to connect with others that share similar interest.

5 Key Takeaways:

  1. Don’t ever let the fear of failure stop you for pursuing your passion.
  2. Find experts in your desired field and decide what you like about their movement.
  3. Make a well thought out plan and stick to it.
  4. Get detailed with said plan; decide how you are going to complete task and set deadlines for yourself.
  5. Get others involved. Your tribe can help elevate you and make you stronger!

I was so thankful to be a part of Jacque’s first From¬†Passion to Profit¬†Workshop! I cannot wait to see the amazing projects that come from it!


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Shun Melson’s Boss Brunch

Shun Melson opened her Boss Brunch with the reason that she wanted to do such an event,

‚ÄúWhen I first came into the industry, no one wanted to teach me anything. They didn‚Äôt want to answer any questions. They though if they taught me something that I would take their clients or steal their business. But that is not the type of mentality I want YOU to have, nor is it the type I have. I know my worth and I know that I am GOOD at what I do. When you WIN I WIN.‚ÄĚ

Shun Melson is the perfect example of ‘work hard’ for what you want in life, ‘go hard’ for yourself and your brand, and finding a way to make the most out of every opportunity that is given to you. It was truly an honor to be able to hear her story at the Dallas Boss Brunch.

Shun Melson uses her Boss Brunch as an opportunity to be upfront and help you with the questions you may have as you enter entrepreneurship throughout varies industries. With a successful career as a celebrity stylist, personal stylist and owner of her newest baby (2 years and counting) her tee shirt line; Shun is a great example of a women gaining headway in a tight knit industry.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Shun Melson’s Boss Brunch:

  • Stay hungry
  • Always go above and beyond
  • Work your network
  • Show your client what they say they want and what they don‚Äôt know they want
  • You should always be networking
  • Get your credit in tack
  • Your rate is your worth, don’t be afraid to talk money
  • Your IG profile should not be private, your heading should say what you do, change your master pic often, and your IG should be focused on building your brand
  • Stay loyal to people in your industry

She provided so much information and such a genuine insight into the industry; I thank and appreciate her for that. A lot of the things she referenced had to do with her come up and hustle as a stylist, but I guarantee you that if you take the same drive, dedication, passion that she has for her craft and apply that to whatever your business or ‚Äúcome up‚ÄĚ is; not only with you succeeded but you will be the best to ever do it in your industry.

You can learn more and see where Shun Melson will hosting her next Boss Bunch, Fashion 101 Class, and shop her tee shirt line all through her site.

I have to send special love to Shun’s Dallas team that was in the¬†building: PR-¬†@txprgirls,Catering-¬†@southernbestcatering,Vendors-¬†@vanitycurves,¬†@shoptobu,¬†@emandtina,¬†@blushfacecosmetics,¬†@velmasfitgram,¬†@divaologyllc,¬†@kemejuwelz,¬†@lovelindseyj,¬†and Venue provided by¬†@7essentialelements


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Who is She: Designer Chasity Sereal at FGNYFW


Who is She is an evolutionary segment on Sophisticated Poser where we highlight movers and shakers of our generation; pioneers of this new age world. On my recent coverage of NYFW I was jumping for joy when I found out that designer Chasity Sereal was representing none other than Houston, TX. It was only befitting that she join Karen Civil and Jessica Chinyelu in our line up of visionaries.

Get to know Chasity

Small Boutique Fashion Week at NYFW Day 1

Small Boutique Fashion Week is a show and market is the premiere Fashion Week event for small-scale buyers, boutique owners, celebrity and network stylists, and members of the fashion media. Our goal is to provide designers with the most upscale and business oriented environment open to the public during New York Fashion Week. SBFW is held at ¬†the legendary Metropolitan Pavilion where designers such as Tracy Reece, Steve Madden , and Micheal Kors have debuted collection. This event has been featured in Lucky Magazine, Forbes, and is also voted one of CBS’s top open to the public NYCFW events.

Small Boutique Fashion Week at The Empire Hotel featuring Rob Ordonez: See The Show

Nigerian Royal Wedding


Celebrated the 10¬†year reunion of my boyfriend’s cousin this weekend. It was beautiful, royal, and enchanting. ¬†10 years and 4 kids later the bride and groom¬†are still in wedding bliss, not only am I in awe, but inspired by their love <3 <3 <3. I wore traditional African attire in honor of their celebration and creating my dress was just as much fun as attending the¬†event. All of the bride & groom’s friends and family wore certain prints to help escort them out to the floor at the reception, and of course I choose something fun and colorful. Memories where definitely made. Here’s a glimpse¬†of the weekend festivities:



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A recap of my first baseball game. I’m not a huge sports fan, but my company provided tickets for everyone! I had so much fun tailgating and checking out the stadium. I honestly can’t say I watched much of the actual game, but it’s the experience that counts, right?!. Here are some pictures from my adventure:

I tried to keep things simple: bought the hat and tee at walmart the night before the game, wore my favorite skinny jeans by flying monkey, classic red converse, shades from quay aus (similar here), nyx matte on my lips and a rose gold fossil watch on my wrist. Pretty simple, but perfect for the occasion.

who else gets a little crazy when someone tried to mess up their pictures?!. tehehehe

 me and some of the ladies from work!

“take me out to the ball game…”


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3 the curl way

Donning a crown full of natural tresses has gone from a trend, to a movement, and has evolved into a lifestyle. With ladies being more educated and aware of the products that they are putting on their hair and how those products affect the growth and texture of their hair, a lot of ladies are tuning in to what natural hair beauty bloggers and gurus have to say.

 Including myself! Which is what led me to the 3 The Curl Way: a Natural Hair Series kick off event right here in Dallas, Texas

 3 The Curl Way

 Bella Kinks and Natural Partners in Crime brought 3 The Curl Way: a Natural Hair Series to the DFW with a panelist of some extra fierce and sassy bloggers taking major stake in the natural hair scene: Janae (@Nae2Curly), Romance (@HeyCurlie) and Courtney (@CurlsandCouture).

These ladies served up something fierce with their on point hair tips for styling, maintenance, and hair care management to a packed house at the Button’s in Addison, Dallas, Texas. The event was full of natural hair advice, interactive discussions and plenty of vendor shopping opportunities!

 I had a chance to meet all of the ladies on the panel and I was in love with their knowledge, presence, and humble spirits. Seeing three different women with unique styles and backgrounds come together and allow each other to shine is something beautiful!

 I also have to give a special kudos to the sponsorship that it takes to pull of such an awesome event. Swagg Bags where provided to every attendee and were full of some amazing natural products. I can’t wait to start trying some of mine out!

 Here is my recap of the event! Before you leave be sure to get plugged in with these beauty blogger mavens below:


photo opt with all of the ladies who showed all of their supporters major love!

(l to r: Romance (@heycurlie), Janae (@nae2curly), Courtney (@curlsandcouture), and Me @iamamandabell)


 natural beauty mavens pictured with host Bella Kinks and Natural Partners in Crime

(l to r: @nae2curly, @julianraddo, @curlsandcouture, @heycurlie, and @naturalpartnersincrime)

image courtesy of @heycurlie


 checking out all of the vendor and sponser tables


at the selfie station snapping pictures silly pictures!

image courtesy of @nae2curly


image courtesy of @curlsandcouture


that ring lighting had our selfies on point!

there was not an empty seat in Button’s; they has a¬†packed house full of natural beauties

natural hair bloggers in attendance image courtesy of @heycurlie

my swagg bag full of goodies from venders:

DNA, iii Sisters of Nature, Crème of Nature, Eden and much more!


Get Plugged In:

Name: Janae Mason City: Detroit, MI Instagram: @Nae2Curly YouTube: here

 Name: Romance Cox Instagram: @HeyCurlie City: Cleveland, Ohio YouTube: here

 Name: Courtney Stradford Instagram: @CurlsandCouture City: Staten Island, NY YouTube: here


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