Woman of Purpose Conference 2017 Recap

WOP Conference was a two day event that set our souls on fire to be more focus and more dirven on what God has for you!

If you slept on the Woman of Purpose Conference this year then you truly missed out.  STAY WOKE and I’ll provide you with a recap of the conference and give you an opportunity to join us at the WOP Conference next year! WOP Conference was a two day event that set our souls on fire to be more focus and more dirven on what God has for you! The entire conference was centered around The Reinvention and changing how we viewed ourselves as women of God, in God, and how He works through us. This conference truly blessed my spirit and gave me so much motivation to go out and conquer this world all in Jesus’s name!


Day 1

The first night was kicked off with an amazing praise and worship delivered by Jonathan Traylor and his band then followed by the beautiful testimony from Obia Ewah, who is also the founder of Obia Naturals. Obia shared a testimony that is probably a lot like most of ours, we have a set theme or vision of how our life will go and then God shows up and turns our vision upside down. He creates a new vision, one that is bigger and further beyond of beliefs. Often our vision and dreams affects us and those closest to us, but God took Obia’s dream and skill to help her brother and multiplied it by thousands!  

After Obia shared her testimony we then were able to gain an abundance of wisdom from the relationship panel consisting of Lizzy O, Margaret Ellis, Rachel L. Proctor, and Jokotade, with Viema Perez moderating. Each of the ladies shared their personal gems of wisdom about relationships in business, spouses, and even church!


A New Name

To conclude the evening we were able to receive a powerful message from Jokotade who gave us a new name; that name was Jesus Christ! Jokotade’s message really hit home as she spoke about keeping your connection with God close. That only through Him can life be given. All things that flow through us come from Him and apart for Him we can do nothing! Yasssssssssss! She brought a word. She also spoke about staying still and quiet. Which sparked my interest, because I feel like she put words to the way my 2017 has played out. I personally noticed that I couldn’t hear God voice in my life, in my heart I felt that his voice was being overpowered by the noise that was in my life. So I took a lot of time to myself, just to be in silence. Please hear me when I say you cannot take all of your thoughts, hopes and dreams and tell them to everyone thinking that there will be room left for God to have his say. You have to find a part or portion of your life that is just between you and Him. AMEN! We ended day one in prayer.

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Our generation has conditioned itself to the thought that the attachment or connection to another person will somehow fulfill our purpose. Only through Him is life given. He is the light and the only way. All that you may ever obtain in this life was first ordained through the Father. 🔌 #Godistheplug • I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned. If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples. John 15:5-8 • I'm still processing all of the gems dropped at #wopconference17 🙌🏾✨ What are some of the gems you gained at the conference?

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Day 2

The next day was kicked off with another outstanding praise and worship experience and soon followed by the first speaker of the day, Courtney Sanders who spoke about being women of God and prospering through our God given talents!

Courtney was followed by Jackie Nwobu, who shared her humble beginnings as co founder and editor in chief of Munaluchi Bride Magazine. Stacey Ike, of OWN Tonight, brought her own words of wisdom with shedding light of the struggles in Hollywood but also how trusting God and believing in His plan for her life got her to where she is today. 

Keynote Speaker, Yvonne Orji

Finally wrapping up the first group of individual speakers was Yvonne Orji, who most notably plays Molly on the highly acclaimed HBO Series Insecure, shared her testimony  about her own journey with God and how He continues to use her daily.

IMG_4252She spoke candidly about changing and shifting the way people in Hollywood perceive working with an artist with strong Christian beliefs. You have to ask yourself, in your job or workplace, in your gym or grocery store are you the only God someone will get this week? Meaning Christian are often in environments with people who are non-believers; how do we act and treat others will speak volumes to your direct relationship with Christ. If God gave you a platform, would he be afraid of what you would do with it, how you would reach people and whether you would even acknowledge and use it at all. (So many good points for us to think on later!)

We were then in a treat for our Owning Your Influence Panel which included Yvonne Orji, Stacy Ike of OTSMedia, Jackie Nwobu and moderated by the beautiful Jessica Chinyelu who is also the founder of the Woman of Purpose Conference. We were able to gain an insane amount of insight on how to truly own your influence all while walking with God!

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'fight for your fairytale'⠀ ⠀ @onetakestace talked about this phrase at the @iamwomanofpurpose conference and how each of our fairytale endings might be different; counter to culture, and to some even crazy. but the point is that it's YOUR fairytale. your ending can be whatever you dream of it to be and that's ok.⠀ ⠀ her words have been ringing in my mind since saturday and have honestly freed me up to be even more of who i was created to be. my fairytale may not be what anyone would expect, but it's everything i know i was made for and then some. so here's to fighting for my happy ending, i hope you have the courage to persevere and do the same. #fightforyourfairytale #weareunveiled

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After the panel we once again were blessed with a touching testimony from Queen K. Smith who was then followed by Dominique Broadway who showered us with so many essential gems on taking a hold of our finances. First and foremost follow and connect with Dominique ASAP. She talked about setting financial goals, being real with yourself about WHERE your money goes, how to maintain and track your credit score and ways to invest. Trust me. She was BOMB!


Business Panel

The final panel consisted of Nkem Okafor of Wise Women Wear, Chioma Nwogu of Dure Events, Jennifer Onwumere of Jengerbread Marketing, Obia Ewah of Obia Naturals, and moderated by our very own Amanda Bell, founder of Because Women Love Brunch. These beautiful business savvy ladies were able to drop wisdom about being about joining business groups in your local area, creating true sisterhood within your niche, and connecting with women you admire or would like to emulate. 

Keynote Speaker, Stacey Flowers

We wrapped up Day 2 with a powerful message from Stacey Flowers who shared her testimony and about overcoming anxiety, depression, and the spirit of doing the most and being the most to everyone, but yourself. You know what spirit I’m talking about! IMG_0029She shared her testimony of breakthrough and revelation as she unpacked the last year of her life with us. We concluded the conference by received a convicting word from Jada Edwards of One Community Church.

The overall experience of this conference was truly overwhelming. To be consistently in God’s presence and surrounded by so many like minded women who looked like me was inspiring. I will forever be grateful for what I experienced that weekend and I am beyond ready to practice all that I was able to learn and gain from the women who shared so much of themselves. Did you make it to the Woman of Purpose Conference this year? What were some of your key takeaways? If you missed this year’s conference it’s okay be you now have the chance to register for next years! Click the following link and be sure to get registered TODAY! Don’t wait!


Join Our Community

All attendees of #WOPConference2017 and now YOU, get a special discount code for our next Because Women Love Brunch event Sisterhood Brunch + Day Party DFW. Use the code WOP2017 in your shopping cart for 15% off of your ticket!

All photos courtesy of @IAmWomanOfPurpose, @MarricaEvans, and @Mur.west


Amanda Bell and Muriel West

Make Sisterhood Great Again Launch Party

Make Sisterhood Great Again Brunch + Day Party was a VIBE! Over 120 women of all ages, races, and backgrounds filled in one space to celebrate life and unity. No particular agenda, just women meeting and supporting other women. An event for women by women.

Make Sisterhood Great Again Brunch + Day Party was a VIBE! Over 120 women of all ages, races, and backgrounds filled in one space to celebrate life and unity. No particular agenda, just woman meeting and supporting other women. An event for women by women. We had over 20 women connect in creating the launch party for Make Sisterhood Great Again, from our caterer, photographer, bomb vendors, to our DJ; everyone was a female business women and entrepreneurs.

Live DJ, mimosa bar, dessert station and the cutest selfie props where no match to the amount of love and connectivity that filled around us. We got the opportunity to meet and connect with so many of you. We can’t wait to host our first event under the Make Sisterhood Great Again platform. We can already tell from the launch party there will be more connections, more opportunities for collaborations, and a wider spread of unity through sisterhood.


I believe in women uplifting other women. The only thing that makes our gender weaker, is the fact that we are the gender less likely to stand up for the other. We are the gender more likely to try and make another look bad, and when one of us is already bad, instead of being kind, we pound them into the ditches. And that’s what makes us weak, nothing else. If we can change this, we can change the whole structure of our being female, I truly believe this. – C. JoyBell C.


Here’s what other women have to say about Make Sisterhood Great Again Launch Party:

“I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Women just enjoying each others company and empowering one another”

“Good vibes and authenticity”

“I loved the food and the atmosphere.”

“Loved how friendly the host was. That set the mood for other women to be just as engaging!”



because_women_love_brunchMake Sisterhood Great Again is a movement.

The start of women supporting other women without regards to their age, race, or socioeconomic status.
A movement of women coming out of their comfort zone in efforts to uplift another woman .
And women allowing other women to walk in their own strength, truth and authenticity without judgment.



Post your favorite picture of you and your girlfriends on social media and tell us what sisterhood means to you! Use our hashtags so that we can see your post! #MakeSisterhoodGreatAgain #BecauseWomenLoveBrunch

It’s because our friendships – female friendships are just a hop to our sisterhood, and sisterhood can be a very powerful force, to give the world … the things that humans desperately need. -Tanja Taaljard

Make Sisterhood Great Again Launch Party

There was so much dopeness involved in creating the launch of Make Sisterhood Great Again including our caterer Gabrielle Mcbay, she is the real MVP for creating an awesome menu to feed over 120 women: french toast bread pudding, waffles, bacon, southern cheesy grits, and fresh fruit. Our favorite photographer Marrica Evans, banging DJ Nikki Nicole who had us vibing to everything from Beyoncé to Cardi B. and our vendors + interactive stations can’t go without being mentioned:

Rose Styles Studio provided a complementary style bar and provided express curls, trims, and sleek iron work. Owner Rosemary also provide education for installing and wearing extensions.

The Cook with Cakes self taught baker and cook along with Caketails Cupcakes Dallas who specializes in edible cocktails provided a delectable dessert table.

Studio 616 is a lifestyle boutique tailored to the dope soul that instantly lights up any room with her presence & unorthodox style. Offering both “after 5” must-have pieces and styling concierge services. We can be found having convos and cosmos with our favorite girlfriends or wandering in a new city! Infectious and inspiring we’re rocking to the beat of our own drums and uplifting & empowering others along the way.

Curly & Molly begin in 2013 when a middle school science teacher decided to use her passion for kids and design to create custom artwork for family and friends. This passion only grew as her family grew. Inspired by her own children and students their shared moments became the driving force of Curly & Molly. Curly & Molly’s mission is to create moments that bring families together. And encourage us all to create, color, and write.

Vixen Vanity Inc. provided the opportunity to experience and purchase products from It Works.

Yara Imani founded by Alana Sutton Watkins, an online marketplace, to increase the accessibility and appreciation of African inspired products made by Africans on the continent and across the diaspora. yaraimani.com is named after Alana’s daughter Yara Imani.

Bria selling the dopest print artwork.

Make Sisterhood Great Again is about creating a platform for women to support other women in business and personal growth. A platform that allows women to shamelessly share their journey; to connect through their authenticity. We can’t wait to share these moments with each and every one of you.

 A special thank you to all of our volunteers! And thank you to each and every woman that took the time to support the launch of Make Sisterhood Great Again in any way! If you attended our launch we’d love to hear your feedback: go to bit.ly/launchpartyfeedback to complete a 3 min survey.

Because there’s one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood. – Robin Benway

Here’s what you can expect from Because Women Love Brunch during the last few months of 2017 (I can’t believe it’s almost 2018!!) We’re looking to host a Rose & Slay Wine Tasting and Yoga & Brunch in The Bay, Brunch & Bubbly in NYC and we are closing out our year in November with an official event on the Make Sisterhood Great Again platform in Dallas, TX. The event will feature a combination of  our signature icebreaker and networking activities, open discussion about creating sisterhood, bomb vendors, interactive stations, delicious brunch, and women celebrating women all to a live DJ on stand by for the turn up!


Here’s how you can stay connected until then:

Wanna collaborate, sponsor our next event, or hear about our vendor opportunities? Shoot Your Shot: Contact@bwlbrunch.com
Stay Empowered Join our Group Me: bit.ly/bwlbrunchgroupme
Get Event Updates & Newsletters: bit.ly/brunchinbabe


Amanda Bell

Founder/ Host Because Women Love Brunch

NOMaste Yoga and Brunch

Relaxing yoga, delicious brunch, yummy mimosas and my favorite girl gang all on a Downtown Dallas rooftop? YES PLEASE! Sign me up. It was so much fun to host a community event to gather women in a relaxed environment to connect with like-minded women and enjoy a girls day out!


Our brunch babes filled the rooftop of HG Sply Co last Sunday for a Beyonce vs Solange yoga session taught by GRIT instructor Devyn.


Collaboration. Connection. Community.

Because Women Love Brunch is a safe haven for women to let their guard down and allow themselves the opportunity to meet and connect with a diverse group of like-minded women. To enjoy a girls day out with light and positivity. There have been so many fruitful friendships and collaborations that have been established in the result of women sharing heartfelt laughs over brunch. These relationships will continue to multiply and evolve as we grow ourselves and each other.


Brunch Squad.

Brunch Squad (noun) – The most important meal of the day. Normally shared by a group of women who gather in unity, laughter, and joy over a delicious brunch and yummy mimosas. 


Building Community.

“When I came here, I was looking for community. Then I realized I was helping to create one.”


What are women saying about NOMaste Yoga and Brunch?

“The event was amazing and I’m definitely looking forward to attending more in the future!” – Milana

This was my very first event and I was extremely impressed with everything from the food to the Yoga and the restaurant. I absolutely loved it and I looked forward to the next event. – Sherica

The event was great I truly enjoyed myself. I also had fun meeting new people. I will definitely be on the lookout for upcoming events. -Angelica


Brunch With Us.

Feel free to jam out to our Beyonce vs Solange Playlist and connect with Devyn and attend one of her classes in the future? Find her on Instagram at @sentfromdevyn or check out her website.

Never miss an event by signing up to our bunch babe email list! And join our meetup in Dallas, The Bay Area, and New York.


All photography by @lovethatgirlbre



Brunch and Bubbly Recap

Because Women Love Brunch Presents: Brunch & Bubbly: Toast To The Good Life

Every event is usually able to be summed up in a few of words. Because Women Love Brunch: Brunch and Bubbly could definitely be described using celebration, elevation, and sisterhood. There is nothing more amazing and special that having a space where women can genuinely connect with one another. Imagined a brunch of 50+ women, you don’t know many or in some cases anyone, but you don’t meet a stranger! That’s the case for a lot of the women that attend their first of many Because Women Love Brunch experiences. 

Brunch & Bubbly focused on creating authentic connections, learning from one another, and celebrating ourselves as well as the women around us.

because-women-love-brunchMajor Key to attending a Because Women Love Brunch: You get out of every event exactly what you put into it. You cannot go to an event in hopes of meeting new people, but not open yourself up to build those relationships. You have to be open and genuine in your approach and conversations.

“True beauty will radiate regardless. It’s not your duty to remove the blinders of those who choose not to see you. Light illuminates light”

What we experienced at Brunch & Bubbly

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Last month Because Women Love Brunch celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary.  And I have so much gratitude and love for the women who continuously support the idea of celebrating average women doing extraordinary things in their lives. These women are the reason why our community is so amazing! Together we have welcomed over 1,900 women into our community, held 12 events in our 3 different chapter cities New York, San Francisco, and right here where it all started Dallas! I could not have done any of this with their love and support.


Don’t make it about what you can gain, but rather what you can give. A true relationship is about give and take; in order to create and cultivate lasting friendships. Ask yourself how you can benefit the people around you. How can you love them, celebrate and encourage them? You can initiate conversation though a simple text or a hang-out on the weekend. Some people may find this to be odd, but you don’t have to be BFFs with someone in order to hang out! Friendships aren’t built overnight, they come from having shared experiences over time. And most of all choose a squad of women that you share a mutual level of respect and admiration for. IMG_0809

“I am not in competition with with my sisters. There is enough space for all of us to win. Honestly, I’ve found that my come up is actually better when there’s more of us involved.”
“We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free.”

Girl Talk Panel

Our Girl Talk Panel was entitled ‘Catch Flights. Not Feelings’ and filled with experts on the matter:

De’Ana of De’Ana Fierce– blogger, yoga instructor, and road trippin’ babe who travels for fun and often for work. De’Ana taught us about traveling smart, getting the most out of a road trip, visiting national parks and hidden gems that can be found by doing a little research. 

ShaSha of Busy Being ShaSha– travel guru and expert in booking the best travel deals. ShaSha gave us some great sites to shop for flight deals, helped us get the most out of our limited vacation days at our 9 to 5’s and the best places to shop for travel luggage and accessories. 

AJ– country hopper and contributor to The Culture Supplier educated us on the difference between your passport and visa, planing group trips with friends, best and alternate travel dates, and my favorite which was tips on using Google Flights!

Stay connected to http://www.bwlbrunch.com as I will be posting a blog next week sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks dished during our ‘Catch Flights. Not Feelings’ Girl Talk Panel.

What are women saying about Brunch & Bubbly:

“Each event gets better and better. Super excited to use all the travel tips that were shared. Met some new ladies and reconnected with others. Looking forward to the next few events!” – Jennifer

“These events are always amazing! Will keep coming until Amanda shifts to something greater, which I know she will!”Michelle Nelson -Andrea

“This was so fun! It’s amazing when women can get together to learn, grow, socialize, and laugh. I’m looking forward to future events!!!” – Michelle

Special Thanks To:


Special thank you to the CURLS team for their continuous support and efforts to empower women.

Special Thanks To: Drika of CURLS, Arisbet Cantú of Devilla Dallas, Jasmine of The Vibrant Life, Jessica of Woman of Purpose, Marrica of Photosbythefro, Nomi of TheCookwithCakes , Muriel of MWest Styles and Ashley of Ashley Devonna 

“It’s because our friendships – female friendships are just a hop to our sisterhood, and sisterhood can be a very powerful force, to give the world… the things that humans desperately need”

We would love to see YOU at our next Because Women Love Brunch event! We are currently preparing for our Summer Sip and Chat in San Francisco, CA and Yoga & Brunch in Dallas, TX. As always, for more information please visit http://www.bwlbrunch.com or sign up for updates.

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See You Soon,


A Seat At The Table NYC

Because Women Love Brunch takes New York City in good rooftop brunch fashion!

Well it seems like a rooftop brunch at Tavern 29 has become an annual tradition for the Because Women Love Brunch NYC community! We had such and amazing time celebrating women in New York earlier this month! We joined together in unity, solidarity, and sisterhood.

We shared some of our hopes and aspirations as well as some of the fears that we constantly face on a daily basics whether it’s studying for an exams or over coming our fears and anxieties of meeting and connecting with new women.

Normally, I’m the picture and selfie and picture taking queen honey!! But we where so caught up in the moment I only got a couple of pics 😩!

I was so thankful to Tavern 29 for host one of the best roof top brunches in NYC and being able to accommodate us!

I’m also excited about all of the adventures we have planned for New York this year! It has been amazing to connect women in all walks of life. To learn about their journeys and paths they’ve taken. That is what really connects us and allows us to learn from one another.

We ended our brunch turned girl hangout listening to Solonge, Kendrick Lamar, and having some good old girl talk!

It is my hope that as we continue to grow in community that fosters resulting relationships, that we authentically connect with others and champion other women the way we would like for ourselves to be championed!

If you would like to connect with Because Women Love Brunch NYC please join our community to stay updated on the latest events!

See You Soon!



BWLBrunch Meet and Greet SF

Finally after almost a year of connecting, brunchin’ and building with women in all over the world, we made our way to the WEST COAST with BWLBrunch: Meet & Greet SF

Last weekend was the first BWLBrunch event in San Francisco! Finally after almost a year of connecting, brunchin’ and building with women in all over the world, we made our way to the WEST COAST with BWLBrunch: Meet & Greet SF

I had such an amazing time meeting so many women from all walks of life. That’s one of the incredible things about living in a city like San Francisco. So many people here are on journeys that inspire and ignite the fire within us all. For example I met:

(to the left): Originally from Houston, moved to San Francisco 6 months ago to complete her doctoral degree in Psychology and Crystal (to the right): Owns her own photography business @artfullyrewired, and lives about two hours outside of San Francisco. She enjoys visiting both San Francisco and Los Angeles often.

Aisha (to the left): Curly hair guru and travel enthusiast who loves to dance and travel @thelovelycurlJo (middle): Yogo instructor at several studios in San Francisco @jolewzeyoga She loves connecting and collaborating with other women. Lin (to the right): Working professional in Cyber Security and originally from Minnesota, Lin up and moved to San Francisco for more sunny days (loved that about her!) She loves traveling, hiking, and enjoying life!

Where we brunched- Tres Tequila Lounge & Mexican Kitchen is in the heart of SOMA which is considered South of Market San Francisco. Tres SF staff was so amazing with the best margaritas and churros to literally die for!


Building Community. Creating Connection. Collaborating Collectively.

Contest Winner Tiffany! She won an Ulta gift card!

Wanna join us for the next Because Women Love Brunch Event in CALIFORNIA, TEXAS, or NEW YORK? Click YOUR STATE and sign up for updates!

Special thank you to all of the women that came to BWLBrunch: Meet & Greet SF, I know we all lead busy lives and you could have been anywhere doing anything, but you chose to celebrate women and relationship with Because Women Love Brunch. THANK YOU!



Sponsor Spotlight: A Seat At The Table

So show all of my girl bosses mad love! Checkout their products/ services and BLOW UP their social media! Tell em’ BWLBrunch sent ya!


I wanted to give special THANK YOU to the sponsors of BWLBrunch The Connection: A Seat At The Table. I wanted to thank the business women that partnered and collaborated with our community. Sponsor Spotlight is an opportunity for these women to shine and for us to support women in business that support positive movements! They’ve done their part by being vested in the community. Let’s do our part and show these girl bosses mad love! Checkout their products/ services and BLOW UP their social media! Tell em’ BWLBrunch sent ya!

Miss Jessie’s / @miss_jessies

Founded by sisters Miko and Titi Branch, Miss Jessie’s Products took the curly hair market by storm in 2004! Armed with curly hair product development from their salon/workshop, they were able to perfect their curly hair product’s performance. Known for its expertise in styling curly, kinky, and wavy hair of all types and textures, Miss Jessie’s Salon became the go to place for curly hair solutions. 



Curls /  @frizzfreecurls

During the last decade, CURLS has emerged as a leader in the natural hair care industry. Continued development of new products has further established its unique formulation of certified organic ingredients which are distinctive of the CURLS brand.

Discerning celebrity consumers like Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Nia Long, Tia Mowry, Chili of the Grammy award wining R&B group, TLC, Blair Underwood, Ashanti, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Echo Kellum seek out the superior quality and natural components of CURLS products

Curls products can be found nationwide in Target, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Rite Aid, CVS and Duane Reed. CURLS will also partner with retail giant, Wal-Mart in March 2013. Products are also sold through CURLS’ on-line store at www.CURLS.biz.


Bundle Box / @ilovebundlebox

Their mission is to bring you luxury Virgin Hair at an affordable price. Their goal is to show you the many benefits that subscribing for quality hair extensions can provide.

Subscribing saves you money, time, and most of importantly stress. They’ve have created a simple, cost effective, and easy to use process for women that change their look every few months. The idea is to remove the difficulty of driving to the hair store, finding out what is in stock and shopping around for the best retail price. Avoid all of the hassle.



Pretty Girls Cook- Paper Flowers / @_prettygirlscook

Brittny of Pretty Girls Cook recently added gardens of paper bloomed flowers to her menu! Pretty, fun and sassy she can cover a plethora of your party and event need. Bartending services, decorations, and much more! DM her on IG or shoot her an email!



Jessica’s Bake Shop / @loveatfirstcookie

Jessica Palmer and her mom is Laura are a mother/daughter duo in Dallas, Tx. Jessica says her mom taught her everything she knows about baking and allowed it to become not only a hobby, but a passion for her while growing up. Their baking is all self-taught and has been passed on through generations. For now they deliver and schedule pick-up orders, but their ultimate goal is to open a storefront in the North Dallas area and have you stop by whenever you want!

Jessica’s Bake Shop is an in home bakery serving the North Dallas area, operating under the Texas Cottage Food Law. The Bake Shop started in June of 2015 and we continue to grow in talent, ideas, and customers.


KJ Priority Marketing@kjpm_

KJ Priority Marketing (KJPM), is an established marketing company that services promotional and event staffing needs. They have worked with startup companies to the hottest celebrity events in Texas. A brand with a strong marketing team has the ability to expand beyond limits.

Two heads are better than one! Krystal Obioha and Jaime Riser have been conquering the marketing industry since 2010. Commonly known in the industry as: The Dynamic Duos of Dallas,TX! KJ Priority marketing executes flawless marketing tactics that not only increase client’s revenue, but also engages consumers while getting them excited about your brand. We are an attractive, dedicated and professional team of elite marketers that are trained to entice consumers with the latest and greatest products & services.

KJPM offers services which includes: Promotional Marketing, Advertisement, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Music Festivals, VIP Activations and much more!


We Are Unveiled / @weareunveiled

We Are Unveiled exists to transform women’s ministry in the body of Christ, through the word of our testimony, by creating a safe place and platform for women all over the world to share their stories and victory in Jesus’ name. WAU is continually developing this through a Holy Spirit-led culture of authenticity, intentionality, and, most of all, discipleship. Their desire through their ministry is to serve the church by building a bridge, exposing the enemies’ lies, and unveiling God’s truth.


Weyone Style / @weyonestyle

Isatu Rogers is the founder of Weyone Style. As a women who who born and raised in Freetown Sierra Leone, she wanted to share her perceptive in African Fashion with a modern twist. The majority of her merchandise is crafted in Sierra Leone and Ghana by a small group of highly talented tailors in low income communities that lack opportunities. Affordable prices make wages for their tailors possible. Due to the scale of our production team each style comes in limited quantities to insure quality. Isatu’s goal is bring to you the latest Africa inspired styles with authentic fabrics at affordable prices. She believes in growing in the community from inside out.

Thank you again to all of these amazing women! If you want to partner with the BWLBrunch community for upcoming events, send us an email at contact@bwlbrunch.com


Amanda Bell


A Seat At The Table DFW Recap

A gathering of 60+ women all in one space filled with positivity, radiance, and community. Learn what it means to have A Seat At The Table.

Because Women Love Brunch presents… The Connection: A Seat At The Table

A gathering of 60+ women all in one space filled with positivity, radiance, and community. The concept of A Seat At The Table embodies sisterhood and solidarity. It acknowledges the fact that as women we tend to build walls that block relationships. We self-consciously build those walls for varies reasons; broken relationship, past hurt and regret, self doubt… All of that. We acknowledge those things and there truth within our lives so that we can move forward. TOGETHER.


We understand that in order to grow together; in order to really have “a seat” we have to get past the surface conversations. You know those conversation that seem to play on repeat, “Hello, Hey Girl! How are you?” “Good, How’s work?” Great, it was good to see you.” We have to move past the surface and dig deeper in order to grow together.

BWLBrunch provides the opportunity to connect with like-minded women while building community and promoting collaboration.


What you learn when you decide to have ‘A Seat At The Table’

Affirming your life will save you from yourself. It’s time we stop thinking small for ourselves and level up on ourselves! We down play our achievements and allow self doubt to overcome the faith that we’ve built. At A Seat At The Table we discussed and created affirmation cards and made declarations over our lives.


My sister is not my competition, but my comrade. As women we tend to build a wall so fast and shut people out. BWLBrunch is full of women who are focused on setting and obtaining their goals. Women who are progressive in thoughts and actions. Business and boss savvy women who continue to level up and push those around them to do the same. Which is why collaboration is such a huge part of BWLBrunch; we strive to seek what we have to offer instead of what we can gain. We are more than a social group. We are the thinkers, leaders, and creators of tomorrow.


My hurt can and will help others. Our testimony; our stories, the things that we have overcome that made us stronger and our testimonies make those around us stronger. We build comradery, share information and become accountability partners through a space that Because Women Love Brunch has created. This space allows like-mind women to come together with women within their own neighborhoods and across the world. This connectivity fosters a sense of friendship, sisterhood, and community.


Girl Talk Panel

BWLBrunch Girl Talk Panel is a fun light hearted discussion amongst girl friends. We laugh and learn from our very own members that are experts in their field or trade. At our last Girl Talk Panel we discussed Smart Goals and at A Seat At the Table it was only right to discuss all things hair (hair oils, regiment, and styling techniques) with hair stylist, Marlissa of Luxee Rae and natural hair guru, Aye Ciara.

Aye Ciara / @ayeciara and Marlissa of Luxee Rae / @marlissa

What are other people saying about BWLBrunch The Connection: A Seat At The Table:

“I loved everything! The location, food, group of women, the discussion, and the sample products. Thank you so much!” – Jennifer

“This was such a lovely event! Amanda, you are an exceptional host. You made each woman feel welcome. I truly enjoyed myself and appreciated the positive, empowering theme. The venue was perfect and the food/service was great. I met some amazing women, and hope to meet many more at future meetups!” – Shavela

“Awesome.” – LaQ Marie

“The meet up was amazing! The vibes was perfect! Such a positive atmosphere!” – Brandi

“Great event! Can’t wait until the next one.” – Tia

“Excellent! Wonderful event!!” – Alexis

Special Thanks To:

Curls /  @frizzfreecurls, Bundle Box / @ilovebundlebox , We Are Unveiled / @weareunveiledMiss Jessie’s / @miss_jessiesJessica’s Bake Shop / @loveatfirstcookie, Paper Flowers / @_prettygirlscookPhotos By The Fro / @photosbythefro, DJ Juice / @djjuice404KJ Priority Marketing@kjpm_Weyone Style / @weyonestyle


And of course it literally always a PARTY when we get together! First we GROW together, then we PARTY together! Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee.

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BWLBrunch SMART Goals Recap

BWLBrunch SMART Goals was the ultimate brunch experience for like-minded goal oriented women who truly want to get out of the cycle of creating goals on top of goal without substantial progress in the areas that matter the most to them.

BWLBrunch SMART Goals was the ultimate brunch experience for like-minded goal oriented women who truly want to get out of the cycle of creating goals on top of goal without substantial progress in the areas that matter the most to them.

For us that often feel like it’s hard to communicate our goals to your friends and gain the kind of support that will help propel us forward. And for us who have mantained the habit of creating and achieving goals and want to pass along information, encouragement, and support to others.

Breaks out into Solange- ‘For Us’ ✨🎤🎶


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This recap is specifically to spill all of the “good tea” that was shared last Saturday! ☕️🐸 We started the brunch off with motivational quotes, intros, and of course we Juju-ed on the BEAT. Lol. You know just your normal brunch kick off!

If you want to learn more about BWLBrunch as a whole, checkout some of our past recaps.


Good food. Great Company. Positive Vibes



Who: Goal Oriented, Focused, and Fun Women DFW and surrounding areas

What: Brunch Soiree + Goal Setting Session

Where: Dallas, Texas

Our objective was to walk away from BWLBrunch: Smart GOALS with

• clear actions to help us get REAL with our goals

• obtain specific ways to measure our goals

• a better game plan to attack our goals and make major gains in 2017 regarding health and wellness, relationships, personal branding and finances.



The women of BWLBrucnh came together and celebrate a year that is coming to past and focus on the new year ahead. Because Women Love Brunch was created as a space to CONNECT like-minded goal oriented women, allow us to gather in COMMUNITY, and COLLABORATE on similar objectives.




The Girl Talk Panel discussed the topics of Money Elevations with Money Launder Advisor, Tara, Health and Fitness with Respiratory Educator, owner of Creations by Chris, and health enthusiast Christiana and Relationships and Situationships with Regional Sales Director and founder of I am Women of Purpose, Jessica Chinyelu. There was so much good tea was spilled during our Girl Talk! ☕️🐸 We really focused on specific ways to better ourselves and resources that are available to help us on our journey!

What are people saying about BWLBrunch: SMART Goals


Special Thank You

Special thank you to all of our event sponsors: Miss Jessie’s, Mary Kay, Creations by Chris, and Porsch Stores. Do me a favor and connect with them, support them, collaborate wherever it makes sense, and most importantly gain synergy with what you are passionate about.

Thank you to our national sponsor Miss Jessie’s who is hands down, the proven expert in curls period!

Link Up: @miss_jessies / www.missjessies.com

Meet Caris, owner E-Commerce Boutique- Porsch Stores, Consultant and Web Designer helping aspiring entrepreneurs with resources to launch an e-commerce business

Link Up: @p0rschstores / @learnwithcaris@p0rsch / porschstores.com

Thank you to our event sponser Independent Beauty Consultant Gail Harris.

Link Up: (469) 778-1366 / marykay.com/gharris2323 / ghariss2323@marykay.com

Thank you to our event sponsor Creations by Chris who specializes in custom make gifts and home decor. You name it, she can create it!

Link Up: @creationsbychris2www.facebook.com/creationsbychris2

Meet Marrica Evans, Brand + Style Infulencer and Photographer

Link Up: @flantyourfro / @photosbythefro hello@flauntyourfro.com

Meet DJ Juice who resides in Tyler, TX but DJs all over the world. He is also an On-Air Personality and Mixer or 102.7 106.9 The Blaze

Link Up: @DJJuice404

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BWLBrunch Ladies Mixer Recap

Tequila Coctails, Queso, and a lot of GIRL POWER! The energy of this event was truly magical. ✨ The ladies of BWLBrunch swarmed the rooftop of TNT Dallas last Saturday for a afternoon of cocktails, laughs, and empowerment.

Tequila cocktails, Queso, and a lot of GIRL POWER!  The energy of this event was truly magical. ✨ The ladies of BWLBrunch swarmed the rooftop of TNT Dallas last Saturday for an afternoon of cocktails, laughs, and empowerment.

Our setting was intentional intimate so that women can truly get to experience an event that allows them to connect with women on an accelerated level within a limited amount of time.

“There’s always a good lesson in meeting new people, its enlarging your circle of friends.  And though there are times you don’t match with their likes, there are some whom you just blend well.”
― Solita


A lot the events we host are structured in a way that allows goal oriented women to meet and get to know one another at an accelerated rate. And this event was no different. We always kick off events with positive affirmations and fun introductions.



The events that BWLBrunch is the only the ground work for the movement of women truly supporting and befriending one another. We continue to build communication long after the brunch is over through our online community, motivational words of encouragement, and accountability partnerships.

We aren’t looking to replace the friends that you already have, but rather to provide you with a different type of friendship. The kind that allows you to share your goals and visions, have goal setting sessions, and gain an accountability partner.


We discuss our current ventures in life and what our future goals hold for us.  It’s amazing to see that once the ice is broken we start to let our guards down and allow people to know more about who we are and what is important to us.  When that happens all pieces come together like a puzzle.  Discussion leds to findings out more about others  and ourselves as well.

Because Women Love Brunch aka BWLBrunch was created to connect women while building community and working collaboratively.


TNT Dallas

Tacos and Tequila was an awesome venue. We occupied the infamous rooftop area. The staff was attentive and and extremely helpful. The food was on point and the drinks were my absolute favorite. If you go be sure to try the spicy margarita! 😜

What are people saying about BWLBrunch: Ladies Mixer?


img_0562img_0413-1img_0563img_0410-1See what blogger @Mur.west has to say about BWLBrunch: Ladies Mixer first hand on her blog. And view past events here!

Special thank you to our:

Event Photographer @jcicreatives www.jcicreatives.com

Event Sponsor @p0rschstores porschstores.com

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