Shoe Dazzle Haul

If you follow me on Snapchat: AmandaPandaBell then you know I came home to some goodies last week!! Yassssss hunty and what came in those boxes gave me plenty of life.

Spoiler alert. I loved my purchase, but after this I am strongly considering canceling my subscription with Shoe Dazzle. 😒 I explain why later in this post.

The Apollo bag is really cute and matches a lot of shoes that I already own, so it was a no brainier. I didn’t thing I would like the lock and chain on the front of the bag, but it add a cute flare to it.

Meet Martin. I love Martin! Lol But seriously, I am absolutely in love with this bag! It’s the ONLY reason I am considering keeping my subscription. It’s so chic and durable. I carry a small laptop at work so I’ve started using it everyday and the handles are sturdy so I don’t feel like they are about to break. This is my favorite! 😍

So after all is said and done. My shoes are cute but they are killer on my feet. I mean DEAD 💀 And I like to be cute and comfy. I’m not trying to walk out of a party with my shoes in hand. But for movie night and brunch with the girls they will do! If you decide to order the Allen order at least one size up.

So here is why I considering discontinuing my subscription.

I hate the fact that I can’t use the money the withhold monthly for sales and promotions. So if they are have $9.99 promotion and I place the item in my cart I can either pay $9.99 + tax and possible shipping out of pocket OR I can use my the $39 they withdraw from my bank account monthly and get free shipping. I just think that is silly and it erks me every time. Does anyone have an issue with this? Or is it just me?!

I also don’t think they get many new items in. I seriously feel like they get new stock in ONCE A MONTH. 😑 Which makes sense for subscription shoppers but I like to pull up a website and sees what’s new. And if your what new tab has 3 week old shoes…. 😒 I mean come on now!

But anywho! Shoe Dazzle does have some great trend purses and good shoes if you catch them at the right time!

Do you shop at Shoe Dazzle or have a favorite subscription that I should checkout?

Let me know what you think my Haul posed and I’ll keep em’ coming!


Sophisticated Poser