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Summer Sip & Chat5/20/17 Bay Area- Summer Sip & Chat

As mothers, wives, girlfriends, students, career women, and so much more it isn’t often that we’re allowed to take time for ourselves to kick back and relax. And with all that we have on our plate when we do get the opportunity, we are not even sure what to do with it!?.
If that sounds a lot like you, this Sip & Chat will be the prefect event for you. It will allow you to learn more about Because Women Love Brunch if you haven’t been to an event and if you’re a returning brunch boss babe (Hey Girl Hey!) it’ll give you a chance to see some familiar faces and welcome new women into our community!

IMG_56486/3/17 Dallas- Rooftop Yoga & Brunch

Let’s relax and NAMASLAY!

Join Because Women Love Brunch for our first Yoga & Brunch event. This will be an amazing way to relax our minds and have some girl time with positive and like-minded women.




#BWLBrunchย is a non-profit organization that welcomes all women, but we were specifically created for professional women inย Texas, New York, and California. Women who are focused on goal setting and progressive thinking. Women who are business and boss savvy; who continue to level up and push those around them to elevate. And they do it all in fierce heels and their favorite lipstick.


#BWLBrunch is more than a social group, it is an environment where like-minded women link up and empower each other through connections. We are a group of powerhouse women, visionaries, and leaders who unite to network, collaborate, and inspire one another.

because women love brunchCONNECTION.

#BWLBrunch connects women through an array of events. We focus on building and strengthening connects at our brunches through icebreakers, focused discussions, and break out activities. We focus on building community through other events such as vision board parties and group fitness.

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“Amanda, thank you for putting this group together. I had a great time and learned a lot!” -Laina
“Thank you so much Amanda! I truly enjoyed attending BWLBrunch. I cannot wait to attend more in the New Year.” -Kami
“Thanks Amanda for another great event and the wonderful swag bags and gifts. I really enjoyed it.” -Blanche
“This event was hands down life changing. I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to attend the next one.” -Jasmine



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