megan_weaver_04blog-1Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my fashion + lifestyle blog. I’m Amanda Bell, a fashion obsessed sales and marketing professional originally from Dallas, Texas and recently a transplant in Northern California.

I love to blog in a way that helps women identify their own personal style and curate the perfect closet.

As founder of Because Women Love Brunch (#BWLBrunch) and an avid Vision Board Party Host (in the blog I refer to them as “Goal Setting Sessions”), I enjoy creating motivational dialogue to help create a clearer path to your desired self.

So basically I love blogging about fashion + beauty, women empowerment, and goal setting.

I am on a mission to help women create the best possible wardrobe and display effortless fashion day and night, to provide a space where women can collaborate and support one another, and provide women with the tools to turn their dreams into a vision and their vision into reality.