Woman of Purpose Conference 2017 Recap

WOP Conference was a two day event that set our souls on fire to be more focus and more dirven on what God has for you!


If you slept on the Woman of Purpose Conference this year then you truly missed out.  STAY WOKE and I’ll provide you with a recap of the conference and give you an opportunity to join us at the WOP Conference next year! WOP Conference was a two day event that set our souls on fire to be more focus and more dirven on what God has for you! The entire conference was centered around The Reinvention and changing how we viewed ourselves as women of God, in God, and how He works through us. This conference truly blessed my spirit and gave me so much motivation to go out and conquer this world all in Jesus’s name!


Day 1

The first night was kicked off with an amazing praise and worship delivered by Jonathan Traylor and his band then followed by the beautiful testimony from Obia Ewah, who is also the founder of Obia Naturals. Obia shared a testimony that is probably a lot like most of ours, we have a set theme or vision of how our life will go and then God shows up and turns our vision upside down. He creates a new vision, one that is bigger and further beyond of beliefs. Often our vision and dreams affects us and those closest to us, but God took Obia’s dream and skill to help her brother and multiplied it by thousands!  

After Obia shared her testimony we then were able to gain an abundance of wisdom from the relationship panel consisting of Lizzy O, Margaret Ellis, Rachel L. Proctor, and Jokotade, with Viema Perez moderating. Each of the ladies shared their personal gems of wisdom about relationships in business, spouses, and even church!


A New Name

To conclude the evening we were able to receive a powerful message from Jokotade who gave us a new name; that name was Jesus Christ! Jokotade’s message really hit home as she spoke about keeping your connection with God close. That only through Him can life be given. All things that flow through us come from Him and apart for Him we can do nothing! Yasssssssssss! She brought a word. She also spoke about staying still and quiet. Which sparked my interest, because I feel like she put words to the way my 2017 has played out. I personally noticed that I couldn’t hear God voice in my life, in my heart I felt that his voice was being overpowered by the noise that was in my life. So I took a lot of time to myself, just to be in silence. Please hear me when I say you cannot take all of your thoughts, hopes and dreams and tell them to everyone thinking that there will be room left for God to have his say. You have to find a part or portion of your life that is just between you and Him. AMEN! We ended day one in prayer.

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Our generation has conditioned itself to the thought that the attachment or connection to another person will somehow fulfill our purpose. Only through Him is life given. He is the light and the only way. All that you may ever obtain in this life was first ordained through the Father. 🔌 #Godistheplug • I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned. If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples. John 15:5-8 • I'm still processing all of the gems dropped at #wopconference17 🙌🏾✨ What are some of the gems you gained at the conference?

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Day 2

The next day was kicked off with another outstanding praise and worship experience and soon followed by the first speaker of the day, Courtney Sanders who spoke about being women of God and prospering through our God given talents!

Courtney was followed by Jackie Nwobu, who shared her humble beginnings as co founder and editor in chief of Munaluchi Bride Magazine. Stacey Ike, of OWN Tonight, brought her own words of wisdom with shedding light of the struggles in Hollywood but also how trusting God and believing in His plan for her life got her to where she is today. 

Keynote Speaker, Yvonne Orji

Finally wrapping up the first group of individual speakers was Yvonne Orji, who most notably plays Molly on the highly acclaimed HBO Series Insecure, shared her testimony  about her own journey with God and how He continues to use her daily.

IMG_4252She spoke candidly about changing and shifting the way people in Hollywood perceive working with an artist with strong Christian beliefs. You have to ask yourself, in your job or workplace, in your gym or grocery store are you the only God someone will get this week? Meaning Christian are often in environments with people who are non-believers; how do we act and treat others will speak volumes to your direct relationship with Christ. If God gave you a platform, would he be afraid of what you would do with it, how you would reach people and whether you would even acknowledge and use it at all. (So many good points for us to think on later!)

We were then in a treat for our Owning Your Influence Panel which included Yvonne Orji, Stacy Ike of OTSMedia, Jackie Nwobu and moderated by the beautiful Jessica Chinyelu who is also the founder of the Woman of Purpose Conference. We were able to gain an insane amount of insight on how to truly own your influence all while walking with God!

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'fight for your fairytale'⠀ ⠀ @onetakestace talked about this phrase at the @iamwomanofpurpose conference and how each of our fairytale endings might be different; counter to culture, and to some even crazy. but the point is that it's YOUR fairytale. your ending can be whatever you dream of it to be and that's ok.⠀ ⠀ her words have been ringing in my mind since saturday and have honestly freed me up to be even more of who i was created to be. my fairytale may not be what anyone would expect, but it's everything i know i was made for and then some. so here's to fighting for my happy ending, i hope you have the courage to persevere and do the same. #fightforyourfairytale #weareunveiled

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After the panel we once again were blessed with a touching testimony from Queen K. Smith who was then followed by Dominique Broadway who showered us with so many essential gems on taking a hold of our finances. First and foremost follow and connect with Dominique ASAP. She talked about setting financial goals, being real with yourself about WHERE your money goes, how to maintain and track your credit score and ways to invest. Trust me. She was BOMB!


Business Panel

The final panel consisted of Nkem Okafor of Wise Women Wear, Chioma Nwogu of Dure Events, Jennifer Onwumere of Jengerbread Marketing, Obia Ewah of Obia Naturals, and moderated by our very own Amanda Bell, founder of Because Women Love Brunch. These beautiful business savvy ladies were able to drop wisdom about being about joining business groups in your local area, creating true sisterhood within your niche, and connecting with women you admire or would like to emulate. 

Keynote Speaker, Stacey Flowers

We wrapped up Day 2 with a powerful message from Stacey Flowers who shared her testimony and about overcoming anxiety, depression, and the spirit of doing the most and being the most to everyone, but yourself. You know what spirit I’m talking about! IMG_0029She shared her testimony of breakthrough and revelation as she unpacked the last year of her life with us. We concluded the conference by received a convicting word from Jada Edwards of One Community Church.

The overall experience of this conference was truly overwhelming. To be consistently in God’s presence and surrounded by so many like minded women who looked like me was inspiring. I will forever be grateful for what I experienced that weekend and I am beyond ready to practice all that I was able to learn and gain from the women who shared so much of themselves. Did you make it to the Woman of Purpose Conference this year? What were some of your key takeaways? If you missed this year’s conference it’s okay be you now have the chance to register for next years! Click the following link and be sure to get registered TODAY! Don’t wait!


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