A Seat At The Table DFW Recap

A gathering of 60+ women all in one space filled with positivity, radiance, and community. Learn what it means to have A Seat At The Table.


Because Women Love Brunch presents… The Connection: A Seat At The Table

A gathering of 60+ women all in one space filled with positivity, radiance, and community. The concept of A Seat At The Table embodies sisterhood and solidarity. It acknowledges the fact that as women we tend to build walls that block relationships. We self-consciously build those walls for varies reasons; broken relationship, past hurt and regret, self doubt… All of that. We acknowledge those things and there truth within our lives so that we can move forward. TOGETHER.


We understand that in order to grow together; in order to really have “a seat” we have to get past the surface conversations. You know those conversation that seem to play on repeat, “Hello, Hey Girl! How are you?” “Good, How’s work?” Great, it was good to see you.” We have to move past the surface and dig deeper in order to grow together.

BWLBrunch provides the opportunity to connect with like-minded women while building community and promoting collaboration.


What you learn when you decide to have ‘A Seat At The Table’

Affirming your life will save you from yourself. It’s time we stop thinking small for ourselves and level up on ourselves! We down play our achievements and allow self doubt to overcome the faith that we’ve built. At A Seat At The Table we discussed and created affirmation cards and made declarations over our lives.


My sister is not my competition, but my comrade. As women we tend to build a wall so fast and shut people out. BWLBrunch is full of women who are focused on setting and obtaining their goals. Women who are progressive in thoughts and actions. Business and boss savvy women who continue to level up and push those around them to do the same. Which is why collaboration is such a huge part of BWLBrunch; we strive to seek what we have to offer instead of what we can gain. We are more than a social group. We are the thinkers, leaders, and creators of tomorrow.


My hurt can and will help others. Our testimony; our stories, the things that we have overcome that made us stronger and our testimonies make those around us stronger. We build comradery, share information and become accountability partners through a space that Because Women Love Brunch has created. This space allows like-mind women to come together with women within their own neighborhoods and across the world. This connectivity fosters a sense of friendship, sisterhood, and community.


Girl Talk Panel

BWLBrunch Girl Talk Panel is a fun light hearted discussion amongst girl friends. We laugh and learn from our very own members that are experts in their field or trade. At our last Girl Talk Panel we discussed Smart Goals and at A Seat At the Table it was only right to discuss all things hair (hair oils, regiment, and styling techniques) with hair stylist, Marlissa of Luxee Rae and natural hair guru, Aye Ciara.

Aye Ciara / @ayeciara and Marlissa of Luxee Rae / @marlissa

What are other people saying about BWLBrunch The Connection: A Seat At The Table:

“I loved everything! The location, food, group of women, the discussion, and the sample products. Thank you so much!” – Jennifer

“This was such a lovely event! Amanda, you are an exceptional host. You made each woman feel welcome. I truly enjoyed myself and appreciated the positive, empowering theme. The venue was perfect and the food/service was great. I met some amazing women, and hope to meet many more at future meetups!” – Shavela

“Awesome.” – LaQ Marie

“The meet up was amazing! The vibes was perfect! Such a positive atmosphere!” – Brandi

“Great event! Can’t wait until the next one.” – Tia

“Excellent! Wonderful event!!” – Alexis

Special Thanks To:

Curls /  @frizzfreecurls, Bundle Box / @ilovebundlebox , We Are Unveiled / @weareunveiledMiss Jessie’s / @miss_jessiesJessica’s Bake Shop / @loveatfirstcookie, Paper Flowers / @_prettygirlscookPhotos By The Fro / @photosbythefro, DJ Juice / @djjuice404KJ Priority Marketing@kjpm_Weyone Style / @weyonestyle


And of course it literally always a PARTY when we get together! First we GROW together, then we PARTY together! Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee.

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