Vision Boards and 4 ways to go about it…

So we’re one month into 2017…

I get that everyone isn’t up for spending hours cutting pictures out of a paper magazine. That just isn’t how you see yourself actualizing you goals. Whatever it is that you do I URGE you to write your goals down.

“Write it down on real paper with a real pencil. And watch shit get real” – Erykah Badu

Writing down your goal is not some new revelation that I or your life coach created. It can from the word of God. No seriously, see for yourself!

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain on tables, that he may run that reads it.

Habakkuk 2:2

When the Bible states, “write these things so that they can easily be seen on the go”… Let’s apply this to your goals. Write them out, so that you have clarity on the results you want to gain from each day.

I’m going to share with you 4 simple ways to write out you goals and give you some bonus tips that will make you highly successful in doing so:

Number 1. Old school journaling. Every day that you journal write some of you biggest goals at the top of your journal. And write down 3 small actions that will help you get closer to those goals.

Number 2. Mary Jane. I call this process the Mary Jane because she is infamous for sticky notes full of thoughts and quotes everywhere. Take sticky know and write down specific actions that you want to be carried out in your life. Put them everywhere or collect them on a cork board. Although I’ve tried all of the methods, this one was my favorite.

My first Vision Board Ever! (2014)

Number 3. Dry Erase Markers. If you watch Married to Medicine you recently saw Dr. Heavenly act this out. She took a dry erase marker and wrote down a challenging goal and Bible verse that she felt would help her follow through with that goal. Now I can’t say that’s it working out for her, but trust me I’ve use the same method before and it was great. I wrote 3 goals and a positive affirmation or statement directed towards myself.

Number 4. The power of a vision board. Vision boards are fun because creating goals can become a group effort. You can share your goals with your friends and create your boards together. I think this is great for people who need a little encouragement or help on where to start in this whole goal setting process. Being around other people that have big goals for themselves is sure to light a fire for you as well.

My first Vision Board Party (2015)


Keep your goal organized. When I first wrote why you need a vision board on my blog back in 2015 I talked about creating goals in “categories”. What are some areas of your life that are important? Focus on creating goals in those areas first. For me it’s always relationships with God and my family, financial stability, and career goals.

Reach for the stars, but remember Earth is your home base. I’m encouraging you to dream big. Create goals that are outside of your comfort zone and really cause you to level up on yourself. But to get too cray cray. And you know what I mean. Your #1 goal can’t be to get to a million dollar this year is you haven’t figure out how to get to $100,000


Holiday Vision Board Party with my Family (2015)

Reward yourself for small goal achievements. Which is why I set small goals that help me achieve larger ones. I know that a large goal may take a year or two to actualize, so I create those small goal to give me a reason to celebrate my step in the right direction. Don’t be hard on yourself. Be disciplined in your actions but don’t down yourself because you haven’t made it to the finish line.

These are all some of the strategies I’ve use over the years to help me get serious about my goals. I hope this in some ways it will do the same for you. I have something really exciting that I’ve been working that will help you get better results from your goals. Join the Because Women Love Brunch Accountability Group if you wanna hear about it FIRST!



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