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New York City

I love to travel to New York. It’s always so exciting, with so much to do and so much to see. On my last trip in September I went for Fashion Week, but a little burnt out on the fashion scene I decided to checkout what else NYC had to offer. I was in full tourist mode. Here are some gems I found while roaming New York City.

Harlem had to be my favorite place. I went on a Sunday afternoon. I loved the vibes and the culture of Harlem. I shopped local street vendors and visited the Studio Museum in Harlem which is filled with amazing painting mainly from local artist.

I also visited Little Italy which was awesome. There was a lot of Italy restaurants and people and music filled the streets. If you’re dying to see Chinatown it’s pretty close, but it honestly doesn’t compare to Chinatown in San Francisco!

Favorite restaurants

Bea was cute little swanky spot not to far from Time Square Central that have great hand crafted drinks and appetizers.

I pretty much lived at The Cafeteria while in New York! It’s a diner that is open 24/7 that serves great Southern and American food. I had their salmon and mashed potatoes, meat loaf and chicken and waffles TWICE 😳. Lol

Parker & Quinn was a great brunch place about 3 block from Bryant Park. Is a vintage style American dining restaurant with amazing breakfast. The reviews mentioned hand crafted drink, but it was before noon so I opted out.. FOR ONCE!

Getting around

I’m obsessed with public transport! Being from Texas and living in California, neither of which have a strong public transportation system. I think the subway is why fell in love with New York on my first trip. It allowed me to be independent and do more on my own that I had ever done on trip solo.

The first night that I visited New York back in 2015 my cousin rode the subway with me and I remember him tell me, “if the street number is higher go uptown and if the street number is smaller go downtown”. At the time that meant nothing to me, but I typed it in my phone notes, because I figured it would be important later! By the time that trip was over I thought I was a pro and more than anything I was thankful that I didn’t get lost or robbed. 😂🙌🏾


I’m planning my next trip to New York and I need some new places to put on my list! Let me know your favorite hidden gems in New York.


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