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Tequila Coctails, Queso, and a lot of GIRL POWER! The energy of this event was truly magical. ✨ The ladies of BWLBrunch swarmed the rooftop of TNT Dallas last Saturday for a afternoon of cocktails, laughs, and empowerment.


Tequila cocktails, Queso, and a lot of GIRL POWER!  The energy of this event was truly magical. ✨ The ladies of BWLBrunch swarmed the rooftop of TNT Dallas last Saturday for an afternoon of cocktails, laughs, and empowerment.

Our setting was intentional intimate so that women can truly get to experience an event that allows them to connect with women on an accelerated level within a limited amount of time.

“There’s always a good lesson in meeting new people, its enlarging your circle of friends.  And though there are times you don’t match with their likes, there are some whom you just blend well.”
― Solita


A lot the events we host are structured in a way that allows goal oriented women to meet and get to know one another at an accelerated rate. And this event was no different. We always kick off events with positive affirmations and fun introductions.



The events that BWLBrunch is the only the ground work for the movement of women truly supporting and befriending one another. We continue to build communication long after the brunch is over through our online community, motivational words of encouragement, and accountability partnerships.

We aren’t looking to replace the friends that you already have, but rather to provide you with a different type of friendship. The kind that allows you to share your goals and visions, have goal setting sessions, and gain an accountability partner.


We discuss our current ventures in life and what our future goals hold for us.  It’s amazing to see that once the ice is broken we start to let our guards down and allow people to know more about who we are and what is important to us.  When that happens all pieces come together like a puzzle.  Discussion leds to findings out more about others  and ourselves as well.

Because Women Love Brunch aka BWLBrunch was created to connect women while building community and working collaboratively.


TNT Dallas

Tacos and Tequila was an awesome venue. We occupied the infamous rooftop area. The staff was attentive and and extremely helpful. The food was on point and the drinks were my absolute favorite. If you go be sure to try the spicy margarita! 😜

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