Creating Monthly Goals

Hello Beautiful People,

I have a question for you: Do you believe it’s possible for you to achieve the things you say you want to achieve?

Before you quickly answer “Well of course!” really think about what I’m asking.

I’m not asking if you believe it’s generally possible…I’m asking if you believe that it’s possible for YOU? Take some time to reflect on your mental toughness. Are you mentally prepared to set goals for yourself?

Recently I’ve taken a lot of personal time for myself to really reflect on my current journey. I want to fully embrace where I am at in my current stage of life and focus on what I envision for myself within the next year, 6 month and even 30 days. I have personally decided some areas in my life that I want to work on, I consider them to be “categories”, I take those categories and  create small goals that will help me get closer to my overall goal.

Is looks something like this-

Category Goal
Organization 1.      Get a planner/ calendar and use it consistently for the next 30 days

2.      Get a white board to write ideas

3.      Idea dump once a week

Health 1.      Eat breakfast everyday

2.      Workout or walk 4 times a week

3.      No processed meals M-F

Education 1.      Get recommendation letters

2.      FASAFA paperwork

3.      Get transcripts from UTT


What do you do to fill the gap between where you are and where you want be? How do you make your goals visible and clear? Do you struggle with investing in yourself consistently? 

Get a support team!

We are currently posting our September Goals and finding accountability partners in our  community group at Because Women Love Brunch!

This group has been exclusive to women that have attended a BWLBrunch event in the past, but I want to give anyone receiving this message the opportunity to join the Because Women Love Brunch community by sending an email to with your name, zip code and a little about yourself.




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