The Perfect Guide to Highlighters for Black Women

Highlight Guide: For Women of Color


Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to GLOW right?!. Well that can be hard to achieve if you are a brown girl in America, right?. Go figure. Well I’m going to share all of my favorite products to add an illuminating glow to your make up routine!


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector: Opal

Price: $38 full size $20 travel size

Becca Cosmetics is known to be a beauty guru go to that can add some HOLY GRAIL glow to your make up routine. I just recently added this to my make up kit and I am seriously jumping on the band wagon. It’s super pigmented and unlike most “highlighters” it will actually give a luminous glow. This highlighter should be a go to for all black women because of the realistic glow it provides. It took me so long to buy it because I mean 40 bucks for a highlighter?!. But I can honestly says it worth every penny. Try the travel size if you don’t want to break the bank.


NARS Highlighting Blush: Albatross

Price: $30

Nars Albatross was my go to highlighter for the past few years. It gives a good glow for dark women because it have a yellow undertone so it doesn’t give you that chalky look some highlighters leave behind. Albatross is for a more stubble glow, but has a buildable coverage.


MAC ‘Mineralize’ Skinfinish: Gold Deposit

Price: $32

Mac Gold Deposit is a highlighter I think most black women own. For me it acts more as a bronzer that a highlighter. Gold deposit is a great highlighter and bronzer for women of color to blend in their contour. Even though I consider it a bronzer, it’s still an important product when you’re creating a glow  and need a nice transition, meaning you don’t want to GLOW in one or to spots but give an over all glowy appearance without going too heavy ! Mac Deposit helps me do just that.


MAC ‘Mineralize’ Skinfinish: Cheeky Bronze

Price: $32

MAC Cheeky Bronze is a good way to add depth to your highlight. It has a rosy undertone and tint. If you notice all of the highlighters that I use offer a little something different. Most days the Cheek Bronze is my go to highlighter bronzer combo. If you are a black women with a deeper skin tone I would suggest that you use MAC Gold Deposit as your go it and Cheeky Bronze to highlight your nose, above your lip and under you eye brows. for an iridescent stubble glow.

highlighter-bronzer-black-womenI used all 4 highlighters listed above:

  1. Becca Cosmetics Opal above my cheek bone.
  2. Nars Albatross in the corners of my eyes, tip of my nose, and above lip
  3. MAC Gold Deposit on top of contour directly under my cheek bone and framing forehead
  4. MAC Cheeky on nose bridge, blending contour, above lip and on chin

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Want more highlighter options? Check out my favorite beauty guru Jackie as she gives a product overload on the perfect glow and shows you how to take away the shine (for oily skin) and give yourself a radiant GLOW!

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