#BWLBrunch: Summer Sip and Chat Recap

Photograhy: Gernelle Nelson 
Calligraphy: Megan Cotes 


Pitchers full of champagne and fruity juices, cute swank decorations, and positive career driven women all in search of other like minded women. The BWLBrunch: Summer Sip and Chat was a laid back environment for women to create accelerated relationships. A lot like the Kick off Brunch we started the event in discussion of why there was a need for a group such as Because Women Love Brunch and the vision that has blossomed into so many relationships.We aren’t looking to replace the friends that you already have, but rather to provide you with a different type of friendship. The kind that allows you to share your goals and visions, have goal setting sessions, and gain an accountability partner. Didn’t get a chance to see BWLBrunch: Kick off Brunch recap? Check it out here!



I have come up with a way to help the women at the event connect and learn a little bit of information about several women in a short amount of time. I do that so that women are allowed to meet people beyond who that are sitting by, who they came with and who they already know. I have them exchange information about themselves to one another that will spark something and have women think. “She seems interesting, I want to talk to her before I leave today!” 🤔 Whether it is her current career path, age or location. I understand that everyone sees value in those things differently.


I stress that the events are an opportunity for women to meet one another, but I urge for them to take those relationships and foster them outside of the brunch events. To contact one and another after the event. I always ask that women that have attended a Because Women Love Brunch event in the past to lead the charge in this. We call them our Brunch Bosses! Because they brunch like a BOSS. 👯🍴🍹


During the first hour of the brunch we had so much interaction with one and other, there was a magical moment where I looked up and every women was in conversation with someone she didn’t know before she came to the event. Every one was laughing and talking. I thought to myself. This is what it is all about! 🙌🙌🙌


(L to R) Sales Manager and Business Owner Gail, Nurse Practitioner Jennifer, Brunch Boss: Respiratory Clinical Educator Christiana, Teacher Dominique, and Teacher and Business Owner April

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Brunch Boss: Healthcare Auditor Chika and Business Owner Lisa
Business Owner Natasha and Jennifer
Brunch Bosses: Account Executive Jennifer, Financial Adviser Selena, Nurse Cynthia, and Attorney Keisha
Nurse Practitioner Jennifer and Auditor Ngozi

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