Hair to Obsess Over: Natural Texure Hair Extentions 

natural-texture-hair-extentionsI am extremely obsessed with the natural hair texture extentions 😍😍😍. I’ve been natural for a little over two years. Honestly I haven’t been counting; if people ask I tell them I went “natural” by default. I have sensitive skin and I also like to scratch my head when it itches 😩😂 so there was never a good time for a perm! Raise your hand if you follow what I’m saying 🙋🏽🙋🏼🙋🏿. But seriously all of the chemicals where too strong for my hair and scalp.

The amazing thing about natural texture hair extentions is that you don’t have to be “natural” in order to find a better quality match for your hair texture natural or relaxed.

I’m currently awaiting extentions from KCY Kinki Curly Yaki. I ordered some before the 4th of July holidays and had them mailed to Texas. Only problem was that they made it to Texas the EXACT same day that I left after the holidays 😩. So I’m patiently awaiting my BF to ship them to me.

Nonetheless less I figured I could share my current obsession and what is in my phone. Who all has a phone full of screen shot inspirations for style, hair, and nails?

What are you currently obsession over? Share with me below!



Oh as you can see I’m totally obsessed with MoeDa Diva! Recently found her on Instagram and I love her.

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