When Life Gives You Lemons… 

5 motivational tips to use when life gives you lemons.


So I recently understood the concept of Beyonce’s album Lemonade. 🍋🐝 I know I’m super late, but whatever. After hearing different quotes or phrases in her songs I grasped the idea that throughout her life she has been given lemons and made lemonade.

“I had my ups and downs, but I always find the inner strength to pull myself up. I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.”

– Hattie White

For instance when she accepted the a huge fashion award she spoke about how her mother used to make all of her clothes growing up because they couldn’t afford to go out and buy flashy clothes for her performances. The concept of the album had me thinking about what lemons represent in a faith-filled life that you allow God to orchestrate? And how do you stay on the course to success when these obstacles, I mean lemons arise? See below where I share 5 tips to making lemonade when life throws you nothing but lemons! 🍋🍋🍋

How to make lemonade when life gives you lemons:

  1. Know that God’s purpose for your life is not tied to any single person. The people in your life might change, but God’s plan and His vision have not. Losing some people may make accomplishing certain goals harder, but they don’t make them impossible.
  2. Trust your imagination. God provides you with vision so that you can see what you life can look like when you walk within the purpose he has give you. You can’t get that idea, that business plan, that non profit group out of your mind, because God has placed that vision on your heart. I like to call this the GLO UP phase! 😏
  3. Show gratitude. Always be thankful to those that help you along the way. Anytime someone offers information, advice or their time to your vision, be genuinely appreciative. Remember your vision is not theirs, so they are probably giving freely because they see the passion you have, but don’t get that confused with the fact that they “share” that vision with you. They are only there to support you. Show thankfulness for that.
  4. Start small. There is no shame in starting where you are at with whatever you have. Continue to invest in your business and yourself. Read books and published articles on  topics you want to know more in.
  5. Be confident not arrogant. Arrogance says I am better than this or that person. Confidence says I know who I am and the abilities that I have.

So what are the lemons of your life and how do you use them to create lemonade? Connect with me on Instagram or leave a comment below!

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    1. Thank you Jessica! It was nice to look back on situations that really sucked in my mind. But because I stayed positive or pushed through God continued to visibly turn things around!

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