Prefect Midi Dress for Summer

I’m going to give you 3 quick reasons why I found the Perfect Midi Dress for Summer 2016


I obviously love dresses more than I thought! Being that I’ve made three post straight about dresses for the summer. From saving money when shopping for maxi dresses, to my top 10 summer dresses, and now the Perfect Midi for Summer. 😝

But what can I say?! They are cute, effortless, and easy to pack in all of my trips from CA to TX. I have yet to perfect traveling with a carry on ONLY!

But any who, I’m going to give you 3 quick reasons why I’ve found the Perfect Midi Dress for Summer 2016:

  • This dress comes in several colors- olive, red and black to name a few
  • This dress is the perfect curvy hugging dress! So if you are trying to give your guy googly eyed 😍😍😍 it’s perfect for date night
  • This dress is under $20 🤑 and it’s not under $20 and a cheap thin material. They give you a little more than what you paid for. 😜

BOOM! Just like that you have the perfect summer midi dress for all summer 16!


Of course you can dress it up and down. Yada yada. But I hate when that is someone’s “expert” reason why I should go spend my hard earned money?!. But I won’t make you read a rant. I’ll just switch gears and give you 3 quick ways to wear the prefect midi for summer.

  1. Midi dress, Converse, denim shirt tied around your waist. (Perfect to hide a lower tummy pouch) With a messy bun or beach waves hair and light coverage makeup
  2. Midi dress, sandles or shorts boots with cut outs and sleeveless dress. (Great if you want to show your shape a little, but don’t want something so tight on your back side) Be sure to pair it with a rock lipstick for that extra kick!
  3. This is the va-va-voom look! Midi dress with heels and a choker necklace. This is your Kim K wife of Pablo look! Own it! Pair this with wanded hair and trendy lips.

What is your favorite place to shop for summer dress? Let me know so I can check them out! 😘

*see outfit details below.

Details: Dress (black), Jacket (men’s section of UO) similar here, Shoes, Shades, Watch, Fashion Pins, Necklace

Photography: @afritina

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