5 Tips for Successful Mini Photography Sessions

Quickie, Pronto, and Mini Sessions are all referring to less than a full photo session with a professional photographer. You can see all my favorites from my recent pronto shoot with the talented Afritina below. Although the length of your session is shorter and you will save yourself a few bucks. A good photographer is still a good grip money, even at half the rate. But because I love you and I’m in a giving mood 🙂 I’m going to give you some helpful tips and tricks on how to make the most of your next pronto session!

Tip #1: Find the right photographer for the job. A pronto shoot is great if you have specific shots you want accomplish. Which is why I think it’s an awesome way for bloggers old and new to update and refresh their site. Each photographer has their own style and approach. ie. Afritina is great at creating art and seeing things from a different perspective. A lot of her personal photography is girly grunge. And as you can see from our collaboration that touch comes though in the photos she took of me.

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Tip#2: Provide your photographer an example of specific shots you want to capture. Don’t have your photographer copy someone else’s work, but instead allow them to put their own twist on it. An example for a blogger would be detailed shots of your outfit, shoes, and accessories.

Tip #3: Don’t be on timeBE EARLY. Early arrival allows you to see what the desired site offers. It also allows you to finish any make-up/ wardrobe touch ups. With this tip ypu will be ready to start the photo when your  photographer arrives/ the set start time. (BOOM! You’re already light years ahead of the game.)


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Tip #4: Pre plan any outfit changes. I am not just talking about what you will change into. I’m talking about where will you change? If you are outdoors are you okay with changing in your car or between two open doors. Lol. Now is not the time to be modest. Ask your photographer if they have an outfit change tent. Bring a friend with a sheet. Whatever works. And change like your a NASCAR driver filling up for gas during a race. Time is money. Literally.

Tip #5: Step away from the filters. A photographer works hard to edit your photos. Don’t trash their work by adding a cheesy Instagram filter. If you would like something adjusted let the photographer know and I’m sure they will fix it for you 🙂

Keep scrolling to check out more of my favorite shots from a pronto session with Dallas, photographer Afritina. You can contact her via Instagram. (It goes down in the DM. Lol. I know I’m corny!) Use the code: Sophisticated for a special discount!


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