Super Easy Tips to Take the Best Pictures for your Social Media or Blog

I have a lot of people asks me questions about the pictures on my social media and blog. Random stuff like what apps I use for picture, where do I take my pictures, and the biggest question is who takes them.

This post is perfect for the other half of us social media junk heads and bloggers who don’t have a boyfriend/ bestie/ turned photographer willing to take thirty pictures just so we can say they all suck! Lol

Trust me I have tried it all. Boyfriend. His patience ran thin. Random stranger. Not only is that awkward, but they normally don’t stick around to see if your eyes were closed or your stance was weird. Photo sessions. Nice, but that can be expensive. And who really needs 100+ photos in one outfit?!.

No worries. I’ve tried all of the crazy stuff I mentioned. So the tips I give will be fool proof. You can learn from my mistakes 🙂

I am by no means an expert, but I like to find ways to provide consistent content. And a MAJOR way to do that is through the photos you provide. (Major Key!) Here are my tips:

Tip #1: Use natural lighting where possible. Natural light will always show more detail and create a clearer image.

Tip #2: Keep your back drop simple. Don’t waste time trying to find the “perfect” location. Use what you have -> white walls are perfect! I also love nature shots and sides of buildings. Keep your backdrop simple, so you can stand out!

Tip #3: Detail is Key. It’s the details that puts you ahead of the game!

Tip #4: Find someone that needs practice. Seek a local photographer that is building their portfolio and book a session. You will get a reasonable price and build your network.

Tip #5: Do a mini shoot instead of a full session. Not only will you save money but in a fast moving digital age you don’t need 50+ shots in one outfit. A mini session will give you a couple of good looks.

Check back this Thursday where I will tell you ways how I planned ahead and made the most of my mini photo session with Dallas photographer, Afritina.


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