Shun Melson’s Boss Brunch

Shun Melson opened her Boss Brunch with the reason that she wanted to do such an event,

“When I first came into the industry, no one wanted to teach me anything. They didn’t want to answer any questions. They though if they taught me something that I would take their clients or steal their business. But that is not the type of mentality I want YOU to have, nor is it the type I have. I know my worth and I know that I am GOOD at what I do. When you WIN I WIN.”

Shun Melson is the perfect example of ‘work hard’ for what you want in life, ‘go hard’ for yourself and your brand, and finding a way to make the most out of every opportunity that is given to you. It was truly an honor to be able to hear her story at the Dallas Boss Brunch.

Shun Melson uses her Boss Brunch as an opportunity to be upfront and help you with the questions you may have as you enter entrepreneurship throughout varies industries. With a successful career as a celebrity stylist, personal stylist and owner of her newest baby (2 years and counting) her tee shirt line; Shun is a great example of a women gaining headway in a tight knit industry.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Shun Melson’s Boss Brunch:

  • Stay hungry
  • Always go above and beyond
  • Work your network
  • Show your client what they say they want and what they don’t know they want
  • You should always be networking
  • Get your credit in tack
  • Your rate is your worth, don’t be afraid to talk money
  • Your IG profile should not be private, your heading should say what you do, change your master pic often, and your IG should be focused on building your brand
  • Stay loyal to people in your industry

She provided so much information and such a genuine insight into the industry; I thank and appreciate her for that. A lot of the things she referenced had to do with her come up and hustle as a stylist, but I guarantee you that if you take the same drive, dedication, passion that she has for her craft and apply that to whatever your business or “come up” is; not only with you succeeded but you will be the best to ever do it in your industry.

You can learn more and see where Shun Melson will hosting her next Boss Bunch, Fashion 101 Class, and shop her tee shirt line all through her site.

I have to send special love to Shun’s Dallas team that was in the building: PR- @txprgirls,Catering- @southernbestcatering,Vendors- @vanitycurves@shoptobu@emandtina@blushfacecosmetics@velmasfitgram@divaologyllc@kemejuwelz@lovelindseyj, and Venue provided by @7essentialelements


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