Vision Board Party + why you need to make a motivation board ASAP

“Because you ultimately control your values, beliefs, and desires, you can influence your motivations. This means, if you consider something important and assign value to it, you are more likely to do the work it takes to attain the goal. When motivation originates from an internal source and is combined with a realistic goal and circumstance, the odds of a good outcome are greatly increased.” 1

A motivational board also known as a vision and wish board is a great way to stay focused, set goals, and keep the end result in mind. I think we often live on a day to day basis, and without a light at the end of the tunnel (goals) we often lose our way. I think the more we feed our brain positive thoughts; it translates to positive actions, such forth giving you increased positive results. I created a motivation board because I wanted words, actions and quotes that would correlate to ongoing goals in my life.

 Why is it important?

  • Keeps your goals relevant and rotating

  • Helps you to focus on specific aspects of your life

  • Gives you time to reflect on goals you have achieved

  • Allows you to see beyond where you currently are in life

  • You can create long term and short term goals

Let’s Get Started…

What you will need:

  • cork board

  • sticky notes

  • push pins

  • markers

Creating a motivational board made me sit down and think about what I wanted to accomplish this year? Why it’s important to me? And what are some realistic goals i can set for myself?

My personal motivation board focuses on 5 aspects of my life:

  • Religion

  • Family and Relationships

  • Health

  • Personal Growth

  • Finances

I started to think of everything I wanted to get better at as a person. Personal Growth. I thought about my lack of money management. Finances. I thought about wanting to strengthen my faith in God. Religion. I think you get the point. I considered every aspect in my life that I felt I needed improvement and created categories/ focuses for my motivational board.

Last but not least starting writing goals, quotes and triggers that provoke thought and action. Whether you have a motivational board, vision board, or just goals on a piece of paper; what is most important is that you keep your goals in front of you! Not let’s get to GOAL SETTING!

“Success is the sum of small efforts –

repeated day in and day out.”

– Robert Collier

1 Excerpt found in Commercial Operations Management: Process and Technology to Support Commercial Activities


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