Cleaning Out your Closet to Upgrade your Style

Tips for cleaning out closets

The first step to upgrading your personal style is to clean out your closet! Out with all of the old, out dated, and rarely worn items; which helps you see what you are lacking and how you can close the gap between your current personal style and the style you desire.

If you follow me on Snapchat (@AmandaPandaBell) then you know I spent a lot of time over the weekend cleaning out my closet. Which has pretty much started a series of the steps to take in order to Upgrade Your Personal Style.  I’m going to provide you with 8 steps to cleaning out your closet so that you can make room to upgrade your personal style:

  1. Find your style inspiration. I like to start with style inspiration so that I have vision and direction when deciding what to keep, toss, and sell. I used Pinterest and search key terms like: 2015 Fall Trends and Top 20 winter outfits. I also searched people whose style I love and follow via Instagram: That Pommie Girl: Sarah AshcroftKendall Jenner, and The Daileigh: Ashleigh. I pinned inspiration from them and wrote down the top three things that I was pinning often; my list included: a lot of polished, grunge, london girl looks. Later I will show you how to take the things you wrote and integrate them into your own personal style! But first let’s clean out that closet!
  2. Start with a clean space. Starting with a clean room will help because things are about to get real messy! I am not a fan of dumping everything out of my closet and drawers in fear of become overwhelmed but if that works for you that is your step one. I prefer to shaft through my closet tossing out anything that I don’t like or am unsure of, as a preliminary step. As some point every you will indeed have to tough every time you own to decide it’s fate, but the dump out method just isn’t for me! Sigh. (the struggle)
  3. Questions to Keep in Mind. Does is Fit? Have I worn it in the past 6 months? Would I wear it again? If I saw it in a store no would I buy it? Do I love the way it looks on me? Is it damaged? Below is a nifty question checklist from The Everygirl:the-everygirl-closet-cleaning
  4. Try it on.  In order to follow Step 3 trying each item on is inevitable. This can be the hardest step because you will need to try a lot of the items on to decide if you want to keep them based on fit, style, and if they are a part of the look you are going for.
  5. Organize. Hang and organize all of the items that you are keeping. I organize my closet based on style. There are several sections to you closet: skirts, jackets, trouser pants, long sleeve shirt, button downs, etc. Tip #1- use slim and uniform hangers so that things stay tidy and you can view them at a glance. Tip #2- Closet organizers are a great way to add space and display shoes, scarves and belts easily.
  6. Make a Pile. Make 3 piles labeled: give away, sell, and donate. Assess you reject pile and decide what items belong where. Take your alterations to a local seamstress. Trust me, a $10 alteration can take a blazer and give it LIFE! Most of the these items are still in good condition and possibly in style, just not what i am going for; so I either give it away to a friend or family member, sell or trade it on Poshmark, or Donate. Whatever method you choose it’s time to purge yourself of all of the item you no longer need.
  7. Keep it Real… With Yourself. If the struggle is extremely REAL for you and you can’t decide whether to keep 1990 mustard sweater with the cute little kitty on the front. Use this chart 🙂 Clean You Closet Chart
  8. Create a list. Now that you are up close and personal with your closet. You should be able to create a list of of items that will help you close the gap and get to upgrading your personal style!

Let’s take the next couple of weeks to work through this guide! I want YOUR feedback on what is working for you and what you feel is “missing” form your wardrobe! Let me know! I want to help you build a wardrobe and upgrade your personal style for 2016!


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