Where Did you Get That?


I did not get a chance to ask her where she got it from, or maybe I did and forgot in all of the energy of the shows, but shout out to all the girls that actually tell you where they got something from instead of “oh, I forgot.” 🙂 <3 Everyone was drooling over this bombshell in the cute oversized blazer at NYFW including me. I felt like I had seen it before, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Well the search is over! Let me formally introduce the Embroidered Kimono brought to you by H&M. At $129 you get the 3/4-length sleeved kimono jacket made with cotton canvas an embroidered pattern. Already sold out in sized 2, 10,12 and 14 if you are a size 4 – 8 still have time to snag it.



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