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With a few more weeks until the end of summer if you’re like me you are itching for one more beach trip before you welcome fall with open arms! And trust me there is an art to packing for a beach vacation. Use my list of Top 10 Beach Trip Essentials to looking fabulous and flawless for your entire trip:

  1. Lightweight scarves. Which can serve multiple purposes such as head wraps, swimsuit cover ups and laying out on the beach.
  2. Romper. Rompers are all occasional and will be a perfect for that unexpected dinner, or a quick change after a pool session. Whatever the case you will want a romper. Trust me.
  3. A few sundresses. Beach tossed hair, a pink lippie, and a sundress. Enough said.
  4. Denim shorts. No need to go over board and pack 3 pair of denim shorts for a 5 day stay at the beach. Your favorite shorts should suffice!
  5. Kimonio. I normally wear it over my tights and v-neck tee so the airport and over swim suit when going back and forth to the pool.
  6. Plenty of sunshades. 🙂 Bring at least 2-3 pair so you can trade out for different looks I suggest aviators for when at lunch with friends, glamor bug shades for the beach, and a spare just in case!
  7. Flower headbands. Cute for any summertime look without much effort.
  8. Mix and match swimsuits. I buy a lot of set and always mix and match them. I dread going to the beach and having on the same swimsuit at 12 other girls. And it always allows me to recreate pool and beach looks.
  9. Your favorite tee. Just a cute comfy tee for those morning scrolls on the beach. No one is in full glam mode on an empty beach at 10am. Just kick back and relax.
  10. Tanks. And a lot of them! If you follow my blog you know my all time favorite tanks are from Forever21 and cost $1.99. I stock up on these before any trip! They go perfect with a skirt and statement necklace for night, runner shorts and flips during the day, and I sleep in them to cut down on unneeded tops in my suitcase!


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