Wash Day Routine 

For the most part I wear some form of extensions whether it’s weave, faux locs, crochet braids, wigs whatever. I don’t wear my hair much because it’s hard to maintain and I’m a lazy natural. There I said it. lol.

For the past year and a half I have been on a no heat journey. Last year I did not use heat at all no curling iron. No blow dryer. That was hard!! After that year I got my hair pressed for  my birthday in Feb and restarted my no heat journey! This time I am using a blow dryer after I wash my hair. My hair is so thick and kinky that without it I get frustrated and the entire process becomes a mess.

Here’s my current Wash Day Routine:

I oil my scalp with Jobaba Oil and Pure Tea Tree Oil (to help with build up and or dandruff)

pure tea tree oil

I washed my hair with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree shampoo and Trader Joe’s Tea Tree conditioner. Absolutely love the brand? It works well and is inexpensive!

tea tree tingle shampoo and conditioner
Ignore the fact that this was early Saturday morning and I don’t have on any makeup!

I drenched my hair in conditioner and place a shower cap over it. I didn’t use heat during this step, instead I just did some cleaning around the house and let the conditioner sit in my hair for 45 minutes.
I rinsed out the conditioner with cool water and parted my hair into four equal sections. I blow dryer one section at a time. I used Mixed Chicks serum, 100% coconut oil, and a paddle brush. I took one section but a dollp of serum and rubbed it in my hair and them a dime size of coconut oil and rubbed it in my scalp down to my ends. I dried it piece by piece. I pretty much used the same technique that I would use if I was flatironing my hair.

my little afro

Then I part my hair off and braid it into cornrows. I use Lota Body wrapping foam (because I knew I wanted to wear a braid out the next day), Taliah Waajid curl cream, and Design Essentials edge tamer.
I still have 6 months to go in my no heat change!! I can’t wait until my next press out, but until then I will try my best to make my scalp and hair healthier day by day!


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