Tips on Traveling Solo Dolo

Have you ever been dying to go on a vacation, but everyone you invite has other obligations?. When you can’t seem to find a date, a price or a location that works for all parties involved.

Well you are faced with two options you can either a.) put your vacation off until a friend can go with you or b.) you could take your first solo trip! Whether it is for business or pleasure I recommend everyone travel by themselves at least once in their life! Why not?!. Are you afraid?! Good! That means you are growing, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and allowing yourself to learn more about who you are as a person. If you have traveled somewhere solo before I know you are nodding your head and agreeing with everything I’ve said.

Or you maybe you’re still be in the fence about a solo trip, maybe it’s being in an unfamiliar place alone, feeling lonly at a table for one, or safety concerns. I get it! Those are all valid concerns is some way, but I’m here to help with some tips to get you ready to leave the nest alone for the first time:

  • Vision Board. Make a wish list of places or cities you would love to visit within the next year: I choose Califorina, New York, Chicago, Mexico, and Atlanta. I keep this information on my personal vision board.
  • Shop Deals. Watch travel sites like a hawk! Pick your top travel site and flight company and randomly check the going rates for places that are on your wish list. My favorites are Hotwire, Cheap-o-Air, and South West Airlines.
  • Transportation. Pre arrange how you will get from your house to the airport, the airport to your hotel and all the way back! Check and see if you hotel offers an airport shuttle service.Trust me your transportation cost can rack up some hefty fees. On my first trip to Miami I spent way to much in this area 😕
  • Getting Around. Understand the area that you are staying in: Can you get around without a car? Do people use Uber/Lyft or will you need to rent a car. How much will it cost to park a rental car if needed. This can fall under the transportation area, but it entitles so much. But I think you get it 😊
  • Reach Out. Do you know someone in the area that can guide you on good places to go areas to stay. Would they mind showing you around, even if for a little while? It always good to catch up with old friends and this way you are garunteeed to see at least one familiar face.
  • Be Aware. Be friendly, but be aware of your surroundings at all times. This is NOT a turn up of all times vacation. This is an opportunity to explore the unknown and have fun!
  • Research. See what is in the area that you may want to check out. No need to plan everything unless you are just a control freak like that (cough cough.. Me)  But it would be nice to know what your days are going to look like while you are on your adventure.
  • Play Nice. Open up. Say hi to people. Be interested in stangers and allow yourself to meet new people. You never know you might meet your next best friend out in Chicago, IL?!. Who knows?!…

I can’t put into words how amazing my first solo trip was. I flew to San Antonio for a business trip in 2010. I stayed in a swanky hotel and I just remember loving the fact to I could do whatever I wanted to. I think I shopped in a huge Forever21 and ate at a fish and chips diner. But whatever it was that trip gave me whether is was empowerment, adventure, or just peace and quite. Whatever is was I never for got it. Since then I have traveled to California and Saint Louis on solo trips and Miami, New York, and Memphis to meet up with either friends or colleagues. Each trip presents new fear to conquer and new research to be done, but each one of those trips are special to me.

Have you ever traveled by yourself?! If so what’s your advice?

If not what’s holding you back from your first solo trip?

Share your thoughts.


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