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Quick Recap: I did a post this morning on my Instagram and Facebook about a Facial Cleanser that was recommended to me by my dermatologist Dr. Blackburn. I received a lot of messages about where it can be found and my experience with Dr. Blackburn so I figured I would do a blog post so I could answer all of the questions at once.

  1. Where can you find Purpose Cleanser? You can buy it online or at your local Walgreens, Walmart, or Ulta. I looked at Walgreens and could not find it. Once I pulled a picture of it up on my phone, I realized that I had overlooked it. I guess because the packing is so simple. Purpose Cleaser
  2. What kind of skin do I have? I have combination skin. I never really have an issue with my skin drying out or being too oily, but I am very care of the products I use, because I know my skin is sensitive to fragrance and harsh chemicals.  
  3. What other skincare products do I use in addition to Purpose Cleanser? I currently use a cream mixture that was provided by Dr. Blackburn, it is a cream that he created himself and is known to work well on people of color. I have also had good experiences with LUSH if they have a location near you I would highly recommend going in and letting them know what you experiencing with your skin and they will guide you to the best products.
  4. Do I have in skincare tips? I often breakout in my chin area, chest, and sides of my face. I did research on why people tend to break out in certain areas and found this information helpful: FaceSigns
  5. Where is Dr. Blackburn located? Is he a good demonologist? Dr. Blackburn in located in Dallas and is a well known Dermatologist for people of color. His staff is entirely African American to my knowledge and he has practiced medicine for over 30 years. I will be honest when I went to my first appoint it was quick IN and OUT. He prescribed me 3 different medications: A cleanser, moisturizing cream, and an antibiotic. I personally though that was a lot of medication for someone with very little acne, but hey I’m not a professional. The cleanser was way too harsh for my face and caused me to break out in whelps a matter of two to three days after my initial use.From there I called the office to let them know what was happening and I can begin to describe the unprofessionalism I had to deal with, the women that answered the phone acted as if my call interrupted her day. She passed the phone along to someone who could better assist me, who took down notes of what happened and told me that Dr. Blackburn would reach out to me within 72 hours.  At least two weeks passed and I hear NOTHING, so I finally called back a nurse apologized and told me to stop using all medications?!. YOU THINK?!. I’m like to stop like two weeks ago!  That is when she told me Dr. Blackburn recommended that I try Purpose Cleanser.I am currently using Purpose Cleaner and the moisturizer provided by Dr. Blackburn. I wanted to see how they would work before I added the antibiotic to my regiment. I have no intention of using the initial cleaner that was prescribed to me. Long story short- I just want to be comfortable without wearing any makeup whatsoever! So whatever it takes I am willing to endure! <3 Lol (the things we go through as women!)


I hope this helps. I will continue to document my progress with Dr. Blackburn as I have my second apt next month.



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