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JC2 We started a series name Who is She where we highlight the movers and shaker of our generation that you may not know yet, but that YOU NEED TO KNOW! The first women that lead off the series was  Karen Civil and rightfully the next women that we want to introduce to you is Jessica Chinyelu. You wouldn’t know by the looks of this pretty little face that Jessica is a fighter, missionary of God’s work, and a boss chick that is about her business. But upon interaction you will know soon.

I first heard Jessica’s story at an event for women empowerment, she was one of guest speakers. Nigerian-American born and raised in Greenville, Texas Jessica’s background is intertwined with sexually molestation at a young age, a chronic habit of smoking marijuana, partying and clubbing. Little did she know that some of the very same women that she partied with, would later be invited into her home for a bible study led by herself! Someone that was once leading peers to the shared feeling of emptiness in night club full of people was now leading those same peers and many more to a light, a promise and FREEDOM set forth by Jehovah.

Jessica is currently an Event Coordinator for Hilton, but her real work begins after regular work hours as founder of Woman of Purpose, Speaker, co-founder of Weareunveiled, and host and creator of the YouTube show “DIALOGUE”.

Now I bet you may wonder how can someone that has gone through so much make such a drastic change in their life. Jessica had hit rock bottom after a night full of partying, she found herself crying helplessly and contemplating how she had arrived to such a devastating place in life. If you have ever been through something or are currently weathering a storm that just doesn’t seem like it is going to pass. There is not only hope for you in Jessica’s story, but she has dedicated her life to helping women of all ages find their way and their freedom, through God’s promise to you and for your life. I think this is a story needs to be shared and women need to know Who is Jessica Chinyelu.  I encounter so many women that struggle with self image, worth, use partying and substance abuse as a painkiller and Jessica is a testimony of coming from a dark place and not only “seeing the light” but becoming it.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

OwniT If you ask Jessica she will gladly share with you that it was God who had been chasing her all along had finally ran her down. You don’t have to desire God. He desires you. Jessica began to invest in God and what his plan was for her and she began to walk in her purpose. Jessica is humble and will forever give all of the praise and glory to God. But I have met this woman and had conversations with her. I know for a fact that she is not shy of working hard and diligently, that she always is a learner, and that she is in full alignment with the fact that knowledge is not just “power”, but a resource and a lifeline. JC

So lets recap this so we make sure you fully understand why you need to know Who Is Jessica Chinyelu:

1. She is a fighter and overcomer through Jesus Chris who is wiling to share her testimony.

2. She is a businesswoman who runs and operates through several outlets.

3. She is making majors moves right here in Dallas, Texas so be on the look out!

“To empower, inspire and lead women across the globe to give birth to and live their God given dreams by connecting a community of women to build one another up.” -Women of Purpose  Vision

Today Jessica’s ministry continues to grow as she encourages women of all ages that God is ready to take you just as you are and make you whole. Woman of Purpose currently hold conferences currently within the Dallas area, but Jessica’s desire is to be able to reach women all over the world and I don’t have a doubt that will come to pass.

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