DIY: How to go from beginner to installing your own Faux Locs

So I am going to explain to you how a person (like me 🙂 ) with very little skill or knowledge of braiding hair successfully installed faux locs.

Using $5.99 Marley Hair from BSS

Faux Locs

  1. Watch a lot of YouTube. I watched a variety of install videos and tried to see if I like one persons technique better than another.
  2. Evaluate your skill level. It all came down to skill level, I can plait and cornrow my own hair, but that is as far as my knowledge goes on braiding hair. But the tutorial that I decided to use taught me a ‘no braid method’, which meant I wouldn’t need to “catch” my hair. Below I will post the top 3 videos that I use to help me install my own faux locs.
  3. Patience. It literally took my 24 hours to complete my entire head! I split my hair up into 4 equal sections and I would say each section took my about 6 hours to complete, but that is with breaks included, because my arm was getting hella tired! 😛
Products you will need:
  • Lighter/ Candle
  • Kanekalon Braid Hair
  • Marley Hair
  • Clips
  • Shea Butter
  • Spray Leave –in Conditioner
  • Comb
  • Scissors
Faux Locs DIY
Using RastAfri Marley Hair

Faux Locs

Deciding which hair to use:

There are also a few videos that I watched pertaining which hair to use: Marley, yarn, or Kanekalon braid hair. And even when I narrowed it down it took trial and error to find a brand to achieve the look I wanted. One thing that I noticed is that the courser Marley hair had a lot of fly aways and looked a little messy a few days after completing; but if you are going for a more natural like, that shouldn’t be a problem.

I re-did the front two rows two weeks after they had been in due to dandruff and the nappier they became the harder it was to keep a professional appearance for work and such.

The second time around I felt like I knew what I was doing and I could make the front cute and neat! I used RastAfri Marley Hair it was like $7.99 a pack and I liked it a lot better. I could tell in the texture that is was a smoother kinky hair and it showed in my locs; some fly aways still accrued, but not near as many as with the other hair. I bought the hair from a local beauty supply store. Going forward I will stick with this rand or try the Cuban Twist.

Here are the tutorial I found the most helpful:

I hope this helps you on your journey of protective styling dolls! You can see more pics of how I style and wear my Faux Locs on Instagram @iamAmandaBell


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