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I am starting a series on powerful, inspiring and life changing women called ‘Who is She’.

The series will cover powerful women from humble beginnings that are pioneers of our generation. I am in awe by the first person that will be represented in this series: Media Maven, Digital Pop Culture Curator, and Philanthropists Karen Civil. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Karen is known for her launch of an online journal for Lil Wayne during his 8 month incarceration, her work as Social Media Director with Beats by Dre, and lifestyle brand called Live Civil.

I was able to hear Karen Civil’s story and meet her at the Ladies Who Brunch ATL 2 LA. I have the upmost respect for who she is as woman, the way she carries herself in music industry, and the ground work that she has laid for generations of women to come. She has literally created a path and a career option that was non-existent. And for that among a variety of other things I consider her a visionary, leader, and activist.


5 Reasons Why you need to know Karen Civil:

1. She is inspired by her roots.

Karen comes from a Haitian background and for her 30th birthday she decided to give back to the country in which her parents were born and raised. Karen Civil donated $41,000 and partnered with Sow a Seed for the Live Civil Playground in Prodev-operated school Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje in Village de la Renaissance in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

2. She hangs out at the White House.

Karen snapped these pictures back in February during a conference were the White House  recognized faculty and staff members at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) as “Champions of Change” who are finding success promoting college completion and success.

3. She seeks positivity.

“I know there is real joy, and it all starts with me sharing my story and my life with you. As people, chasing after our dreams, we need to surround ourselves with those willing to share their lessons, so when traveling the road less traveled our journey becomes much easier… We need to know we’re not alone. We need to know that we are not the only one who has ever contemplated quitting, or giving up, or falling in line with the traditional expectations for and of ourselves. We need to be assured that the fear we have in our belly is natural, and that moving forward in purpose will only help us in the long run.”

4. She has the heart of a hustler.

Check Karen Civil out in my favorite write-up of her Karen Civil Hustles Hard- XXL Issue 152

5. She is a Woman Boss.

Karen’s empire is always growing and  Always Civil Enterprise is the perfect expression of Karen’s work providing services such as social media platforms, branding awareness, strategic development just to name a few. Her empire also includes: Civil TV, entertainment website KarenCivil.com, and lifestyle blog LiveCivil.com.

I cannot wait to see Karen again when she comes to Dallas to host the Wounds 2 Wisdom Tour July 10, 2015. 

Visit W2W.ticketbud.com to purchase tickets!


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