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Truth. I never wear makeup to work, unless there is planned event, where I know I will see several people. (shoot me, I’m vain! but you knew that by the selfies above.) But the idea is that I give my face time to breathe by using the 5:2 face diet. Where you give your face 2 days off from makeup which allows your skin to detox, while protecting your skin from acne + dehydration, maintaining your skin tone, saving  time and if you buy makeup like me- LOTS and LOTS of money!

But when I do wear makeup- I don’t hold back! Here is a list of the products I use to get my signature going out look (don’t even try counting them; it’s a lot I KNOW!)

Below is the makeup tutorial that I used to help me achieve this look! I promise I’ve watched it at least 7 times! I tweaked a few things and subtracted a few items to make this look more suitable for me, but all in all Sonjdra Deluxe does a great job at teaching the hopeless. me. 🙂

Here is the link to her YouTube page.

 Enjoy dolls! And remember to always put your best FACE forward.


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