5 ways to invest in yourself

 We live in a world where it is acceptable to “invest” in the latest phone, handbag and cars; but we rarely speak of investing in ourselves. I made a declaration to myself that I would devote more of my time and money investing in my personal brand, business ideas, education, and overall progression. Here are 5 ways to invest in yourself and your future.

Before we start honestly answer these questions:

What do I do with my free time?

What have I done to better myself in the last 30 days?

When is the last time I did something I love? And what was it?

 The answers you give will provide you a better understanding of where you are currently putting your energies and will allow you to see where you should start in this list.

 1. Be social

Stay updated with events that are going on in your area or within driving distance where likeminded people will attend and speak on topics that deal with where you are currently in your life, or in ideal walks of life. Meeting people with similar interest and goals is one of the few benefits from attending these types of events

 2. Start where you are

I cannot stress this enough. Use what you have and grow with your work. I know it can be hard when the gap between where you are and where you want to be seems so big. But that last thing you want to do during your growth stages is spend a ton of money on something that isn’t necessary.

 3. Develop your skills

Become an expert on the subject matter. Instead of spending hours on end Instagram staking; use that time to research everything related to your field of interest. Read a book that will help you discover your strengths or that can help encourage you on your current journey. Go to informational session and engage others. Do whatever you can to increase your skill set within that topic.

 4. Understand that your time is money

Get organized. Whether you use an app, calendar, or to-do list create some type of organization in your life and block out time to foster your dream, goal, and or passion.

 5. Create a bigger vision of yourself

You have to make a declaration to yourself that you are more than a conqueror; that you are an overcomer, and that set backs are lessons for that which you are becoming. A great way to go this is to speak affirmations to yourself every morning, create a vision board, or keep sticky notes posted in places you frequent that speak life into where you want to be yourself in the future. Create goals big and small that you can check off as accomplishments.

Everything that you desire for your life is within reach. Be thankful for humble beginning, because they will make for the best stories as you continue to rise and build your own personal empire.

“If you want to invest in something

with  minimal  risk and  guaranteed  BIG return,

invest in yourself.”



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